Winners of Maid Lolita Photo Contest Announced!

Dear contestants, thanks for joining our Maid Lolita Photo Contest. The Contest ended yesterday and the voting time ended at 12:00 April 30th.

We’ve received a lot of complaints saying that some of the participants gained votes by an improper way. We looked in it, and found that many votes of some paticipants were from brand new members that joined in the last few days and the only action they did was immediately comment on the contest deviation and add it to their favorites. It is totally fine and normal if there are a few new deviants voting for you. But if there’s a high proportion of new deviants, we’ll take those as abnormal and trustless votes. It is against our original intention and is contrary to the principle of fairness. That’s why we have to make the following ajustment to the rules.

  • If the proportion of votes from new deviants (joined in the last few days when voting and the only action they did was immediately comment on the contest deviation and add it to their favorites) is more than 10%, every vote from a new devaint over that won’t count. For example, if someone gets 50 votes and 10 of them are from new deviants, only 5 of the 10 votes will count. He/she will get 45 votes at last.

According to the ajustment, we recalculated the votes and here are the top two paticipants:

No. 1: #6 Azurimi

Valid Comments: 113

Favourites: 146

Total Votes: 259

No. 2: #9 MaaYa

Valid Comments: 92

Favourites: 156

Total Votes: 248

Congratulations, Azurimi and MaaYa!
Download this Excel to see the whole scoreboard of the contest!

Prizes for the Winners:

As promised, two Lolita dresses will be rewarded to these two winners.

First prize: a White Moon Lolita Dress

Second prize: a Dear Celine Lolita Dress

We’ll contact Azurimi and MaaYa to offer the dresses. In addition, every participant will get a 5% off coupon code from us. We’ll send the code by email later.

Note: The organiser reserves the final right of interpretation of this contest.