Winners of Maid Lolita Photo Contest Announced!

Dear contestants, thanks for joining our Maid Lolita Photo Contest. The Contest ended yesterday and the voting time ended at 12:00 April 30th.

We’ve received a lot of complaints saying that some of the participants gained votes by an improper way. We looked in it, and found that many votes of some paticipants were from brand new members that joined in the last few days and the only action they did was immediately comment on the contest deviation and add it to their favorites. It is totally fine and normal if there are a few new deviants voting for you. But if there’s a high proportion of new deviants, we’ll take those as abnormal and trustless votes. It is against our original intention and is contrary to the principle of fairness. That’s why we have to make the following ajustment to the rules.

  • If the proportion of votes from new deviants (joined in the last few days when voting and the only action they did was immediately comment on the contest deviation and add it to their favorites) is more than 10%, every vote from a new devaint over that won’t count. For example, if someone gets 50 votes and 10 of them are from new deviants, only 5 of the 10 votes will count. He/she will get 45 votes at last.

According to the ajustment, we recalculated the votes and here are the top two paticipants:

No. 1: #6 Azurimi

Valid Comments: 113

Favourites: 146

Total Votes: 259

No. 2: #9 MaaYa

Valid Comments: 92

Favourites: 156

Total Votes: 248

Congratulations, Azurimi and MaaYa!
Download this Excel to see the whole scoreboard of the contest!

Prizes for the Winners:

As promised, two Lolita dresses will be rewarded to these two winners.

First prize: a White Moon Lolita Dress

Second prize: a Dear Celine Lolita Dress

We’ll contact Azurimi and MaaYa to offer the dresses. In addition, every participant will get a 5% off coupon code from us. We’ll send the code by email later.

Note: The organiser reserves the final right of interpretation of this contest.

Meet Infanta


Sally is the founder of Infanta, a Lolita Brand in China. She has been pursuing elegance, delicacy and perfection in her life. And this is the reason she is obsessed with lolita fashion and have persevered in developing Infanta since it was lauched in 2007.

Infanta means princess in Portuguese, which features typical European dress styles – lace and ruche details. It includes a line of graceful and Rococo styled clothes. “To realize the childhood dream of being a princess is the initial motivation for setting up Infanta,” Sally said. “Now, I take Infanta as my career and has grown a small-scale workshop into a big factory with its own designing, processing and marketing departments.”

Each new style of the line is carefully designed in every detail. Sally is trying to make Infanta the choice of lolita girls who would like to have elegant and sweet clothes.

Infanta Halter Wrapping Tape Lace Up Lolita DressInfanta A Line Lace Up Bowknot Printed Cotton Lolita Dress

Meet Classical Puppets

Mr Rabbit

B Century (Huashan) is the designer of lolita clothes who also sets up the brand Classical Puppets. Classical Puppets launched in 2005, provides a stunning range of lolita clothes and accessories.

Why does B Century like lolita clothing so much? It traces back to her high school. She has had a fascination with the history of western clothing since she was in high school. Then she majored in dress designing in college, and started to create her own dress line.

“I like plenty of dress styles, like Gothic, Baroque, Rococo, Victorian, Punk, etc, and beauties of all kinds – sweet, elegant, gloomy, which lead to the diversity of Classical Puppets,” B Century said. “I want my designs to be divided into several styles which go well with each other to create the new classicism of this age.”

Below are two popular styles from Classical Puppets, including dress and petticoat.

Classical Puppets Blueberry Halter Sweet Bowknot Lolita DressClassical Puppets Organdy Lined Ice Cream Lolita Petticoat

Lolita Clothes Updated Soon!!!


To better cater to more customers’ needs, we will update our Lolita clothes soon. Old products will be replaced with new arrivals. Classic styles will be still kept. But what’s more important is that more Lolita clothes brands will be introduced into our site, such as Surface Spell, Classical Puppets, Dear Celine, Kids Yoyo, The Dream of Lolita etc.

As an eternal force in the fashion apparel industry, Lolita clothes will be continually explored by us. Our partner, Cosplay the Series will cooperate with us on this business again. We will bring you the trendiest & most deluxe Lolita clothes here. Girls, you can charm the crowd :P!

Customer Photos – Black and White Lolita Dress with Long Sleeves

black and white lolita dress with long sleeves

Thanks, Briana Wilson, for uploading the picture of wearing the Black and White Lolita Dress with Long Sleeves bought from us. We are glad to see the dress ideally flatters your body shape. Plus, your fox ears and Ciel wig really look great with the black and white dress, XD.

black and white lolita dress with long sleeves_1

This Lolita dress includes a dress, underskirt, coat, bow ties, scarf and sash. Exquisitely made from classy cotton, it will be supple, lightsome and durable. Shipped out in 48 hours, it can be returned for a refund if any dissatisfaction. Girls, since you look forward to a dress that accentuates your femininity, why not check this Lolita dress out here?