How to Store Cosplay Costumes? (6 Ways Included)

It’s OK to put the cosplay costumes in your wardrobe or storage bag directly, if you only have one or two. So what if this number is climbing? Obviously, you can’t simply stack your costumes together, as that would take up too much space and even damage some of them. So, how to store cosplay costumes and keep them looking new? Here are six ways to go about that.

1. Get rid of your unwanted costumes

For those unwanted cosplay costumes, donate them to charities or hand over to garbage collectors, avoiding the inefficient use of space or complicating efforts to find what you want.

2. Wash and dry costumes before storing

Cosplay costumes should be cleaned and dried before storing, since dirty costumes are attracted by moths and mildew. Carefully read the washing instructions on the label before washing. If you are not sure how to wash those costumes, send them to the laundry.

3. Keep all pieces of a cosplay together

To avoid loss or confusion, all pieces of a cosplay, from costumes to accessories, should be put together. It’s a good idea to hang them together in the closet or put them in a big zipper bag. For small pieces, you can put them together in a small bag with your cosplay.

Not all costumes are to be dealt the same way. Costumes made of different materials are stored in different ways.

>>Costumes made of cotton or linen

It can go straight into a closet or bag.

>>Costumes made of velvet or leather

This type of costumes must never be stored folded, as that may leave them permanently creased. The correct solution is to lay them as flat as possible. In case the costume will stick on to each other, you are advised to lay paper sheets in between the layers. Besides, they cannot tolerate excessively dry or humid conditions.

>>Costumes made of wool fabric

Costumes of this kind must be kept in dry places. Whether hanging in the closets or putting in storage bags, they should be wrapped with clean cloth or paper, or else the fabric will stain others.

>>Costumes made of chemical fiber

To avoid stretching, cosplay costumes contain the real chemical fiber details should not be hung in wardrobes for a long time. The correct method is to lay them as flat as possible.


  • Store dark and light colored costumes separately
  • Add cedar chips to your closets to keep your costumes fragrant & fresh
  • Label costumes so you can find them easily

4. Use good boxes to save space

Good boxes, such as plastic boxes, contribute to combat clutter and solve the lack of storage space. However, cardboard boxes are not recommended, since they are break easily and incapable of keeping the water out.

5. Store costumes away from direct sunlight and damp places

Costumes may fade if they are exposed to direct sunlight for long periods. Conversely, extremely damp conditions can promote mold. Thus, keep them away from these two environments!

6. Sort out costumes twice a year

No matter how well you store your cosplay costumes, various problems may occur after long periods of time. So make sure your costumes are organized at least twice a year. Once the breakage of the parts are confirmed, fix them timely to extend their life.

This page explains how to store cosplay costumes efficiently. Can you give us some advice on how to store cosplays or Halloween costumes? Share your tips in the comment section below. OK, we will stop here today and see you next!


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