The Most Concerned Customer Questions

As we know customer service plays a critical role in delivering service customer expects,customers expect to have nice experience when they purchase items online.While shortage of communication or bad communication may cause misunderstanding and unpleasure.Miccostumes aim to offer customer service by heart since our shop was launched in 2010. So far we win good reputation based on honesty, professional ordering, tracking, shipping, and reliable billing system.

Some new customers may feel concerned when they purchase the items from us. Here we display several questions which are the most concerned by our customers.
1. Can I receive the item by a date if I order it today ?
Please tell us the item and size you need. Then we will check the processing time and shipping time for you.
2. When can I receive my items ?
If the items ordered are ready-to-ship and express shipping way is chosen, they will be shipped out via courier. Usually we choose DHL as the shipping agent which takes about 7-10 days for the parcel to get your place.
If you choose economy shipping way and the items are ready, the items wil be shipped via regular shipping service which may take longer shipping time which is about 15-20 days.
If the items are not ready, they will be made at first and then can be shipped out. The shipping is available after the items are ready.
3. Why is the status of my order processing for a long time ?
The status means that the order is being prepared. It is not shipped out. Sometimes the items you order are not ready-to-ship. So it takes some processing days to prepare them before shipping them out.
Notice: We mark each order with a latest shipping date once you place an order which guarantees enough shipping time for you to receive them in time. If the items can not reach your place in time, we will contact you via emails after you purchase them.
4. Is there a tracking number for my order ?
If the order status of the order is package sent, it means that the tracking number will be available soon. We usually notice the tracking number via emails.
If the status is still processing, it means that the parcel is not shipped yet. We will email the tracking number to you once it is shipped out.
5. Why the order status is still pending ?
It is possible that you do not pay for it via paypal. Or we do not charge the order owing to the delivery time issue. If we can not meet the delivery time you require in the comment chart, we will not charge the order or prepare them. But we will contact you about it after you place an order. So you have to check the emails from us in time.
6. Why was my order canceled ?
If the transaction via creidt card is declined, or you do not pay for the order via paypal for a long period, we will cancel it.  We advise you to place a new order and pay for it.
7. Can I cancel my order right now ?
It depends. If it is placed within 24 hours, we can cancel it.If the order is being processed, we can also cancel it. But we can not refund the full payment.
8. The item I received does not fit. How do I get a RMA # and return it back ?
We can exchange the costume, if the regular size does not fit. Please let us know the new size you need.We will email you the RMA # and return address.
9. The costume is made with wrong measurements. I need to return it back for a refund.
We apologize for the inconvenience causeed. Would you like to measure the costume with a tape and show us some pictures ? Then we can check it for you. If we make it wrongly, you just return it back for a refund.
10. You shipped the wrong costume to me.
Sorry for the inconvenience caused. Would you like to show us some pictures of the costume you received and the tab on the plastic bag ? Then we will check the issue. We will ship the correct one, if the wrong costume is shipped to you.
11.  Do you accept commissions ?
It depends. You have to email us some pictures of the costume you are referring to. Then we can check it for you.
12. I have not received the answer from you.
There are several cases.We do not work at weekend. So the questions will not be answered in time at weekend.Sometimes the questions need the upper manager’s decision. So the answer may be delayed.It is also possible that we have not checked the email from you. Many emails need to be dealt in a period. So some question may not be answered in time.
The above are general concerns. We will try our best so that our customers can have a nice experience when ordering from us. If our customers have advice about our products and service, we will be glad to consider it.

11 thoughts to “The Most Concerned Customer Questions”

  1. Instagram Question. You feature many cosplayers on instagram. How would someone send you pictures to feature? Are there certain requirements? If so what? Thank You for all you do. ( ^_^)

  2. Hi, I’ve tried to contact you guys through a few different outlets now and have not gotten a response back yet. I’d like to have the RMA# and return address so I can send back my costume and exchange it for a different size. Thanks for any help.

  3. Hi, i have still not recived my order and it has gone past the expected date. I ordered the costume on the 18th of January and hasn’t even been shipped yet. Please reply soon, thanks.

  4. Is it true that you guys don’t solve dispute problems in PayPal? I recently cancelled my order.. it says on your app “Refunded: -C$103.83” and total is $0.00 on the Closed Order.. I’ve been contacting you for TWO DAYS STRAIGHT and you guys haven’t responsed yet. I don’t even know what l “closed order” means! Also you guys deducted $103.83 dollars in my bank already! You closed the order and yet you deducted money on my bank account! I used PayPal to pay. I’m new to your miccostumes website and app and now you’re giving me reasons to not trust you! Please reply to my messages ASAP because I NEED HELP AND I DON’T WANT MY MONEY TO BE TAKEN AWAY FROM ME WITHOUT GETTING ANYTHING IN RETURN!

    1. Hi, Shaira Olaes
      Due to many unexpected reason, we are sorry to have caused you so much inconvenience. I have contacted customer service to deal with your problem. If you have any doubt, please contact our online service.

  5. I’m considering buying from here. I’m just wondering if all the costumes are in Asian sizes? Also, how accurate is the conversion from the Asian sizes to inches?

    1. Hi, Jaime
      Thank you for trusting Miccostumes. Each of the items has a corresponding size chart. Not all costumes are in Asian sizes. However, some of the costumes are available in Asian sizes. I hope this reply can help you!

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