Artists Steal Fans’ Hearts with Cool Haikyuu Cosplays

For the uninitiated, Haikyu!! tells the story of Shōyō Hinata, a boy determined to become the ace of a volleyball team despite his small stature. For this many challenges lay ahead. Fans express their appreciation for Haikyuu, not only because the characters are great, the soundtrack is great… this anime gives their motivation again.

A cool animation like this always calls for some great cosplays. Given here is a good collection of Haikyuu cosplays, which bring your favorite characters to life. Leave a comment, if you have a better suggestion. Let’s meet these outstanding cosplayers!

Kei Tsukishima

Kei Tsukishima, a middle blocker on the volleyball team, has short blond hair. Most obviously, he is the only player on the Karasuno team who wears glasses. Ash Grey perfectly captured Tsukishima’s style on his Instagram page. Like Tsukishima, he frowned in deep thought.

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Tōru Oikawa

Most of the time, Tōru Oikawa serves as the captain and setter for the school’s volleyball team. Due to the previous injury, he wears a white brace on his right knee. Oikawa is captured well by artist Cata with dark brown hair. When Cata smiles, Oikawa is like stepping out of Haikyu!!

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Ryūnosuke Tanaka

For the majority of the anime series, Ryūnosuke Tanaka serves as a wing spiker on Karasuno’s team. The first thing people notice about Tanaka is his shaved head with a widow’s peak. Such feature was perfectly displayed on the Internet by The Phreckled Cosplayer. Like Tanaka, Hrosie makes intimidating faces to try to scare others.

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These amazing Haikyu cosplays have undoubtedly stolen the hearts of their fans. Also appreciate these talented artists on this page. Moreover, Miccostumes carries a huge selection of Haikyuu costumes. If necessary, you can explore them on the official website. That’s all for today, see you!


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