Winners of Vocaloid Cosplay Photo Contest Announced!

By now, the Vocaloid Cosplay Photo Contest has ended. We have calculated the votes of total 146 participants. Here below are the top 3.

No. 1: #44 Demoiselle

Total Comments: 481

Valid Comments: 267

Favourites: 372

Total Votes: 639

No.2: #7 Damian Nada

Total Comments: 42

Valid Comments: 22

Favourites: 501

Total Votes: 523

N0. 3: #140 AlDii

Total Comments: 7

Valid Comments: 7

Favourites: 500

Total Votes: 507

Download this Excel to see the detailed scoreboard of 146 cosplayers.

Note: This contest is supposed to end at 30th, April, and the voting should be stopped at the very point of 12:00, 30th, April. But the statistics is a lot of work. So we may not be able to do a very precise work. Luckly the votes of the top 5 are very decentralized. We supposed that one cannot gain more than one hundred votes in one our. If they do, we’ll take those votes as abnormal and trustless votes. The organiser reserves the final right of interpretation of this contest.

As promised, the top 3 cosplayers will be rewarded with free costumes and wigs.

First prize: one Vocaloid cosplay costume & one Vocaloid cosplay wig
Second prize: one Vocaloid cosplay costume
Third prize: one Vocaloid cosplay wig

We’ll contact the top 3 cosplayers to offer the costumes and wigs. In addition, every participant will get a 5% of coupon code from us. We’ll send the coupon code by email later.