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Cosplayer Bio:

Name: Suzie Girard
Gender: Female
Nationality: Canadian

Social Networks:

Facebook, Twitter, Deviantart

Yo ! ^_^ My name’s Suzie. I’m a cosplayer for 2 years now. I am from Québec (Canada). I’m mostly known for my Kakashi cosplays. Hope you like them ! The pictures below show my Naruto characters cosplays, but I have more from different series and video games. Go check my Facebook or DA (: Comments are very appreciated. My favourite anime is Naruto though and you won’t be surprised to learn that Kakashi is my best-loved character ;). Hope to see you in the next cons !


Suzie‘s Naruto Cosplay Performance

1. Character: Kakashi jounin

Description: I made everything on this cosplay, including the headband, glove, mask, shoes and of course my vest. I even made my own Icha Icha book. It took me about 3 months just to make my vest to have it the more accurate as possible. I particularly paid attention to the collar and the pockets; these can be opened from the bottom so I can put scrolls inside like in the anime. I try to style my wig so my hair look like spiky but still realistic. I even have my bells hanging on my hips

2. Character: Casual Kakashi

Description: This is my casual Kakashi cosplay. Black and white fit him perfectly !

3. Character: Kurenai Yuhi

Description: Me as Kurenai Yuhi. I took the same vest as Kakashi, but I made her red pants and shirt. I really like Kurenai, she’s a great woman! I really look like her naturally I must say.

4. Character: sexy no jutsu Kakashi

Description: I had to make my own sexy no jutsu Kakashi, so I did it !

5. Character:  Kakashi


Here’s a simple interview:

Q: Which Naruto costume listed as prizes do you most want?

A: I would like to have Kurenai Yuhi dress. Like I said, I know I look like her a lot naturally and I didn’t have the chance to make her dress yet.

Q: What’s attractive to you about cosplay?

A: For me, it’s a way to let go my creative side and my imagination. I love spending hours and hours making my own cosplays and learn as more as possible my character to be able to act like him/her perfectly. I always said that the appearance is important, but the attitude can change everything. Since I make my cosplays, I like to participate in convention masquerades and skit contests.

Q: Your most memorable moment while cosplay?

A: Humm there are so many ! Animenorth 2011 in Toronto, I was cosplaying Kakashi and we were at a Naruto photoshoot. There was a family there with 3 kids cosplayed as Naruto (3 years old), Sakura (4 years old) and Sasuke (2 years old). We took a team 7 pose together in front of tens of photographers and fans. The funny thing in there was that Sasuke was crying out loud in my arms and didn’t know what to do ! Everybody was laughing and squealing at the same time. I must admit, seeing Kakashi with children is kinda cute ^.^ I have one pic of this on my DA.

Q: Are you often photographed? Since many cosplayer (especially beginners) feel nervous or unnatural while facing the lens, would you like to sharing us some experience or skills here?

A: Yes I am ! Thanks to cosplay to let me know that I was not afraid of cameras! But I must say that in the first times, that could be scary a bit, since you don’t know where these pics can go and who is going to see it! However, if you know well you character and you prepared yourself, especially knowing a couple a good and quick poses that reflects decently your character, you will have self confidence and you’ll be fine. Like anything, cameras/photoshoots are something you must tame. Don’t be too much afraid though, random pics are often the best (: Finally, you can learn with each picture you see of yourself. You can learn what poses fit you the most with your own characteristics, reflect the most your character and you can discover new ones you like. Practicing before a mirror is always a good thing also!

Q: Is there any cosplay plan you are rather interested in yet not able to do it due to some reasons? And what is your next plan?

A: I have a lot plans ! But for now, I concentrate on Vergil from Devil may cry 3 and Yuzuhura from Muramasa. These are for my next conventions. But I also want to make a cosplay of Cinderella plans for next summer.

Q: Which cons do you want to participate recently? What is your favorite part about going to cons?

A: There are some very good cons in Québec (Canada) and in the surrounding. My favourite ones are Otakuthon (Montreal), Animenorth (Toronto) and AnimeBoston (Boston).

I like to hang out with friends during the weekend, especially when they cosplaying in the same series as me. I love taking photoshoots and videos, these are always good memories. Like I said, I often participate in the masquerades so it’s a big part of my conventions. Also, each cons allow me to meet new awesome people who become often quickly good friends.

Q: How do your family members think of your cosplay? Do you also feel interested and support you?

A: My family doesn’t really understand why I’m doing this, especially why am I spending so much money on that. However, they know that makes me happy and this is the important thing. And I very comfortable with the fact that I am different from them, as long as the respect me in this.


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