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Name: Kasey Egan
Gender: Female
Nationality: United States
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Hi. My name is Kasey Egan. I’m part of a small cosplay group called Kaizen Cosplay. Right now there’s only one other person, but we take a lot of pride in paying attention to the details of each of our cosplays. Our friends originally got us into it and we’ve been doing it for 6 or so years now. I hope you enjoy my pictures!


Naruto Cosplays Done by Kasey Egan

1. Konan

Kasey Egan_11

Comments: Konan from Naruto: I like this picture because it shows off the shirt and my piercings

2. Konan

Kasey Egan_22

Comments: Konan from Naruto: I have a one piece pants/shoes like Konan in the anime. Unfortunately I don’t have a picture of those pants, but this is just another angle of Konan.

3. Itachi

Kasey Egan_33

Comments:Itachi from Naruto: This picture was taken at a con. The lighting doesn’t allow you to see the sharingan, but I do have them.


Here’s an simple interview:



Q: Which Naruto costume listed as prizes do you most want?

A: I think I would most be most interested in the Hinata costume because it opens up photoshoot opportunities with Limit’s (the other member of Kaizen) Naruto costume.

Q: What’s attractive to you about cosplay?

A: The thing that’s most attractive about cosplay to me is the creativity that goes into each of the costumes. Even if you buy the costume, you always have to be trying to figure out how to make each costume unique to yourself; how to make people recognize you from the other million and one Konan’s or Itachi’s or make you stand out from the crowd. It’s not only that, but the fact that you can step into someone else’s shoes for a while. How should this character act? What would he do? What would he say? It stretches your imagination and allows you to look at things from another perspective.

Q: Your most memorable moment while cosplay?

A: There are lots of memories but my most memorable moment while cosplaying would have to be at CT Con when a group of cosplayers were joking around and trying to abduct our Sai. I was Iruka at the time, I believe, and that’s when I found the voice befitting of that particular character. I’m a very quiet person in real life, but the fact that I could step out of my own shoes and shout KNOCK IT OFF!!! in the middle of a con was a big step for me, not only as a cosplayer, but as a person because for once, I wasn’t my usual shy self. I was outgoing and loud, which felt good when they returned our Sai to us. Haha.

Q: Are you often photographed? Since many cosplayer (especially beginners) feel nervous or unnatural while facing the lens, would you like to sharing us some experience or skills here?

A: Myself and Limit are photographed a decent amount. The best advice I could give anyone is to think about their poses before hand that way you aren’t caught off guard when someone asks for your picture. Yes, you can just stand there and let them snap your photo, but if you have a pose unique to the character, then it really gives your costume a flair and might even draw a crowd.

Q: Is there any cosplay plan you are rather interested in yet not able to do it due to some reasons? And what is your next plan?

A: My next plan at the moment (this could change) is actually for Izaya from Durarara. This is another character that is so much unlike myself. He is as far from myself as humanly possible. But it’s going to be fun to try to get into his character.

Q: Which cons do you want to participate recently? What is your favorite part about going to cons?

A: The next con that we will be at is Anime Boston 2012. My favorite part about the cons is definitely the people. Limit and myself don’t really attend the panels too often because we just love to people watch. Or we’ll find characters from the anime that we’re cosplaying and figure out ways to go over and mess with them. This not only creates memories for us, but for them too.

Q: How do your family members think of your cosplay? Do you also feel interested and support you?

A: My family is passively interested. I know there are cosplayers whose family outright rejects what they do and even tries to stop them around every corner. My family thinks that it is odd, but they are supportive in their own way. They don’t try to roadblock me, but every now and then, they really enjoy having to see what I bring home from cons or hear the stories that I have to tell.

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