July 2014 Cosplay Contest — Basketball is not only Kuroko’s

The 20th Fifa World Cup makes the whole world crazy, while Kuroko’s Basketball fascinates many cosplayers. This summer we love sports and we love cosplay more! So for the contest this month, we’re going to do something about Kuroko’s Basketball but more than that! Read on for details.

kurokos basketball


1. Time for the Contest

June 4th – July30th (Pacific Standard Time)


2. Winners and Prizes


Those who have the most “Likes” will win the contest.

Good news! This time you can post it on any social media, not just Facebook but Deviantart, World Cosplay, Instagram…


First Prize: a costume from  or $40 cash coupon

Second Prize: a wig from  or $20 cash coupon

Third Prize: $10 cash coupon

Each contestant after the third with more than 10 likes will get a $5 cash coupon.

Note: Cash Coupon can be used as equivalent cash when purchasing in our store.


3. How to Participate

All you need to do is post on any social media you use with at least one photo(more is prefered) of your cosplay with required contents.

The text must contains Miccostumes.com July 2014 Cosplay Contest — Basketball is not only Kuroko’s https://blog.miccostumes.com/?p=10405 and the name of the character plus its anime/game name, reply to our Facebook post or this blog with the link to your post.

See the picture below as an example:



4. About the qualification

At least one photo is required. The photo(s) can be any character from Kuroko’s Basketball or Slam Dunk or any other character who plays basketball.

(Miku playing basketball? No! Must be someone designed to play basketball officially)

(It is not necessary that there’s a basketball in the photo…)

The photo(s) should be clear enough to see which character you are cosplaying. Couple cosplay and group cosplay are also acceptable.

Please note that only one post is valid, we’ll not add up the likes if your post is more than one.

Miccostumes has the final say whether you’re qualified. (Contact us if you have any questions)


5. Results

We’ll count the likes on your post on July 31st and announce the winners on our blog, the prizes will be rewarded right after.