How To Make Final Fantasy Type-0 Rem Tokimiya Daggers For Cosplay

We previously talked about how to make the Final Fantasy Type-0 Sice Scythe for cosplayers,

here we will show you how to make the Rem Tokimiya dual daggers!

Main materials:

a. 5mm thick EVA sheets for blade,

b. 3mm EVA sheets for figures,

c. PVC tube of 2.5cm diameters serving as the build-in spine and hilt.

d. Hot melt glue,

e. Propylene,

f. Art knife


First step, pattern making.

If you are good at mapping software, you can draw the pattern on a computer.

If not, get a piece of paper and draw the blade pattern on it.

The total length of the dagger is about 90cm, blade is 65cm long.

Trace the pattern on the EVA sheet, remember to mark the midcourt line. rem a

Prepare 4 EVA pieces for blades; do not mix the obverse and the reverse sides.
Bevel at edges, notch inwardly at the midcourt line.
Then separately glue the two pieces together, at the same time implant the PVC tube. rem b

rem cWhen the tube is in position, use hot melt glue to seal up.

Next, wrap the hilt with black leather. You can also use fabric, but leather is of better gloss and hand feel.

Then take care of the hilt end.rem dThe dagger is getting into general shape.
We will move to the coloring part.
To not mess the blade color with the figure color, paint them separately.
Use black propylene (spray paint is better) to color the blade, a big brush would be helpful here.
Do not coat the dagger too thick. rem eAfter the base color, leave it alone for a while to make sure it is fully dried.
During this time, we will make the decorative figures onto the blade.
Be patient at this step.
Draw the figure on EVA sheets and cut carefully, then make it four.
If the knife is not sharp enough, it leads  to deckle edges.rem frem g

Done with that, go and paint the blade into red.rem h

Set it aside again.
Then color the figure pieces into gold as pictured.rem iWhen the blade and figure dry out, glue the small pieces onto the blade.

For the stone part, make that with hot melt glue.rem k

rem jWhat left are just some details.
It may cause color losing when attaching the small pieces, make it up if necessary.

Done with the twin daggers, you still need a fancy Rem Tokimiya costume!

Find it at with more Final Fantasy cosplays .



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