Witch or Huntress? Cosplay More Characters With One Blond Wig

Wouldn’t you like to be a witch? Well, I would! So it was only a matter of time until I found this anime. Looking at Urara, she looks like such a sweet witch. And sweet witches need sweet makeup!yang urara

Prime your face. Apply foundation, concealer and set with powder. Urara needs a super perfect complexion.

  1. Fill in your eyebrows. I chose a natural blonde. Apply blush and highlighter, and contour your face a little. I used a rose highlighter and a pink blush. You can use plenty of it but don’t go overboard with it. This will give you a great look on photos. I already applied my eyeliner. I made it big in the middle and put a pointy corner at the end, that I brought to the lower lash line.Step two
  2. You can use white eyeliner if you want. I chose nice pinkish tones for her eye shadow. Urara has red eyes but since I don’t wear lenses, I wanted to keep parts of that colour at least somehow.

3. You can now glue on your fake lashes.Step five4. Throw on your wig! And don’t forget her hair pins.sTAEPCan not be easier to transform into this witch, right? now, you can also turn into Yang Xiao Long too with similar steps.

Have you already seen RWBY? This innovative animated series is collecting fans everywhere. The adventures of Yang and her team have already reached four seasons. They all have great combat skills and Yang is very skilled in close range combat. She’s enthusiastic and happy and a great fighter.

So, you obviously want to be like her!

Let’s get started. Prime your face, apply foundation and concealer. Then set everything with powder.

Now try to contour your face a little. Don’t use too much glittery highlighter and blush, Yang isn’t really girly at all. Use matte colours.Staep one

Get out your eyeliner! Yang has pretty big eyes and they are nicely contoured with black. Do just that but be careful not to go too big. Use white eyeliner on your waterline. Apply black eye shadow to your lower lash line. Also apply mascara there. If you want you can use fake lashes, I did not because I think it would be too much for Yang. Apply some nice nude eye shadow on your lids and put some darker brown onto the outer corners of your eyelids. You can also put a reddish accent there. Put some highlighter into your inner corners. Colour your eyebrows. I used natural blonde powder.Step three

Put on the wig used just now, and now you are Yang.yang

Credit goes to the writer Luxayre Cosplay

Have you watched the RWBY volume 4? New costumes have been available, check them out:rwby-sns


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