Final Fantasy XV Cidney Aurum Cosplay Makeup Test

Have you already played Final Fantasy XV? I was planning this cosplay since I played the demo version. So, do you want to jump unto the bandwagon? Cidney (or Cindy) is the head mechanic of Hammerhead and a really cool lady. But as you know Final Fantasy, their makeup isn’t too easy to nail.

1.Prime your face, apply foundation and concealer. Set everything with powder. If you have freckles, don’t be too eager to erase them, they only help you to look natural.contest2. Now contour your face with matte colours. Don’t use glittery highlighter and blush. Use apricot blush if you have one, if not be careful with your usual blush. Be sure to stay natural.

3. Instead of harsh eyeliner, use black eye to line and contour your eyes. Don’t use white eyeliner on your waterline, it would look too artificial. Use nude eyeliner.FINAL

4. Next, I used dark golden eye shadow and brown eye shadow to get that natural makeup look. I put some pink eye shadow into the outer corners of my eyes. Fill in your eyebrows with nice blonde powder.

5. Apply some nice mascara to your lashes. I did not use fake lashes. They would be too much for Cidney. For the lips you can use some tinted lipbalm, but nothing too bold. Now comes the fun part: Dip your finger into the black matte eye shadow and smear it across your face. Blend well! Cidney is a mechanic after all!FANTASY

Throw on your wig!Step FFVX

Many thanks to guest writer Luxayre Cosplay as always.

And at last, i will just throw an awesome Noctis cosplay pic here, enjoy.

(cosplayer Yuuma, costume from


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