Undertale Mettaton Makeup Tutorial For Cosplay

We’ll talk about the popular television star, again! Do not take it wrong, we mean the TV host

Mettaton from Underground. We’ve shared the wig styling tutorial for cosplayers days ago, if

you are wondering how about makeup skills for the robotic look? Well, this is it.

Mettaton tTo make the face looks pale, you will need the white cream foundation.

Evenly apply the foundation all over your face.Mettaton e

Then add a shallow layer of purple eye shadow between eyebrows and eyelashes.

Mettaton fDeepen the outer corner and under eyeliner area with dark red eye shadow.Mettaton hNext, draw the eyeliners with purple eye shadow as pictured.Mettaton iApply some light purple eye shadow to the upper eye ball part as well as the under eyeliner area.Mettaton jIt’s almost done for the eye shadow. And we will move to the brows.

Lower the brow start and make the brow arch high.Mettaton kNext big step is to shape the figure with black eye shadow.

Mettaton lDraw the rivet design with dark blue one, pay attention to the whereabouts.Mettaton mOutline and darken the figure with an eyeliner.Mettaton nPut on the eyeliner and tail it out of the corner, thus the eye will look longer.Mettaton oAs to the lip, put on a coat of dark red lipstick firstly.Mettaton pTo make it more robotic, draw a line below the lip and add some lip prints.mettaton qApply a layer of black lipstick, and make the black grows lighter from inside to outside.Mettaton rFinally, draw the three small rivets on the cheek, brush gently with rose red eye shadow at the

eyeball part. And we are finishing the makeup, what you still need to do is  wearing the contacts. Try on the styled wig and check out what it turns out to be:MettatonAlso Mettaton costume gets available at miccostumes cosplay store.Yes, exactly what you can see

in the above picture!  Donot miss out, Sans cosplay is ready too and there are more Undertale characters upcoming.


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