Winners of Vocaloid Cosplay Photo Contest Announced!

By now, the Vocaloid Cosplay Photo Contest has ended. We have calculated the votes of total 146 participants. Here below are the top 3.

No. 1: #44 Demoiselle

Total Comments: 481

Valid Comments: 267

Favourites: 372

Total Votes: 639

No.2: #7 Damian Nada

Total Comments: 42

Valid Comments: 22

Favourites: 501

Total Votes: 523

N0. 3: #140 AlDii

Total Comments: 7

Valid Comments: 7

Favourites: 500

Total Votes: 507

Download this Excel to see the detailed scoreboard of 146 cosplayers.

Note: This contest is supposed to end at 30th, April, and the voting should be stopped at the very point of 12:00, 30th, April. But the statistics is a lot of work. So we may not be able to do a very precise work. Luckly the votes of the top 5 are very decentralized. We supposed that one cannot gain more than one hundred votes in one our. If they do, we’ll take those votes as abnormal and trustless votes. The organiser reserves the final right of interpretation of this contest.

As promised, the top 3 cosplayers will be rewarded with free costumes and wigs.

First prize: one Vocaloid cosplay costume & one Vocaloid cosplay wig
Second prize: one Vocaloid cosplay costume
Third prize: one Vocaloid cosplay wig

We’ll contact the top 3 cosplayers to offer the costumes and wigs. In addition, every participant will get a 5% of coupon code from us. We’ll send the coupon code by email later.

Cosplayer Interview with ThDeathAndStrawberrY

ThDeathAndStrawberrY cosplay2

Here, we are glad to share the interview with ThDeathAndStrawberrY, a cosplay talent from Spain. You may get fascinated by her Kaito Setsugetsuka Cosplay which we posted on our blog about a month ago. Very Impressive 🙂 ! ThDeathAndStrawberrY, thank you so much for accepting our interview.

1. Since cosplay becomes more and more popular, how do you think about the good things and also bad things on this performance art?

First of all, I think that most of these things are good. Now many people know about the hobby and they don’t see it as a weird hobby, even they congrats you if your costume is good. Bad things? Well I don’t know right now, but maybe the level of competitivity has increased a bit, because even If we say no, everyone wants to be the best or at least one of them.

ThDeathAndStrawberrY cosplay1

2. Do you consider yourself a “cosplayer” year round, or only when participating in certain activities?

In my case is all the year, because there is no day I don’t think about cosplay o month I don’t plan something for the next convention or simply the next photoshoot, also when I’m shopping and I see for example a shirt like one of the characters I want to cosplay I buy it! Cosplay is incredibly addictive once you have started and you liked it!

3. Going to a venue with many people to watch you in costume and simply taking a photograph, which one is more meaningful?

I think the simple fact that many people see you in costume and also congrats for your hard work on it, is more meaningful because they talk to you and you can see their faces smiling, but in a photo you can’t show your completely costume, It is like the difference when you see a painting in your book or computer and you go to the museum an see it with your own eyes. Also when you take a photo you can upload it to internet and the amount of persons who see it is bigger than in a convention but I still prefer meet the people and hear them.

ThDeathAndStrawberrY cosplay3

4. Is the creation of the costume or characters more valuable than the actual acting or vice versa, or is it a mix? As well, how much of the do-it-yourself mentality is admired? If someone just bought their whole costume, are they still a true cosplayer?

In my opinion, it is the mix of both of them what makes your costume in a great cosplay, well always is going to matter a bit more the appearance of the cosplay than act like the character, because the first thing people see is the costume, but If you don’t know how is the personality or the story of your character even how he/she acts, you’ll look a bit weird and in the photos the thing is to capture the character with his/her personality, so the mix is pretty important to make your costume stand out from the others.

ThDeathAndStrawberrY cosplay5

5. Do you have one piece of advice that you would give to cosplay virgins?

Some good advice is not to focus on making a perfect costume if you just started on this hobby, we all have started from the bottom! Mainly you have to keep this in mind as a hobby with which you can have a good time with friends and no more matters!

6. Which contest theme do you mostly want to see at

I’d like to see a contest about D.gray man cosplay! Due to I LOVE that manga 😀

Vocaloid Cosplay Photo Contest – To Get Awesome Vocaloid Cosplay Costume & Wig

Vocaloid Cosplay Contest

Vocaloid cosplay Contest in April is launched by! Send us your Vocaloid cosplay photo and you will have an oppotunity to get your desirable Vocaloid cosplay costume & wig at our store. Three winners will be born at last. Before taking action, please read the details of the contest below.

Theme: Vocaloid cosplay

Only Vocaloid cosplays are accepted. Please send us a good photo of you cosplaying any Vocaloid character.

Time for the Contest

The contest will be launched at April 6th 0:00 and ended at April 30th 24:00 (New York Time). Winners will be announced on May 1st.

Prizes for the Winners of the First, Second and Third Place

First prize: one Vocaloid cosplay costume & one Vocaloid cosplay wig
Second prize: one Vocaloid cosplay costume
Third prize: one Vocaloid cosplay wig

Any Vocaloid cosplay costume or wig (click the links for the list of costumes and wigs we offer in our sotre) at Miccostumes can be chosen. In addition, we offer each participant 5% of coupon code too.

How to Join?

Cosplayers, please send your Vocaloid cosplay photo to our email – miccostume[@] (remove the “[]” while sending your email). Besides, please also send us your information listed below.

Personal or social sites:
Vocaloid edition:
Make a brief introduction of yourself and the photo (winthin 100 words):


Only cosplayers are allowed to participate in the contest.
Please do not submit group shots, send us a photo with just you in any Vocaloid character. The photo needs to be at least 500px wide.

How to Vote?

After receiving Vocaloid cosplay photo and above information provided by you, we will post your cosplay photo on our Deviantart. Everybody can vote for their favourite cosplayer or costume via clicking “Add to Favorites” or leaving a comment. Every “Fave” or comment is counted as one vote. Note: comments from the same fan will be counted as one vote only, and comments from the organizer and cosplayers do not count. Cosplayers who get the most Favourites and comments will be winners.

Now participate in the contest to win your Vocaloid cosplay costume & wig? Good luck 🙂 ! Send your cosplay photo and info to our email – miccostume[@]

Check out all the contestants!
Click here to check out the details about the cosplayers and vote for them!

New Arrival on Mar. 6 – Vocaloid the Sandplay Singing of the Dragon Miku Cosplay Costume

It’s sold on $104.73. You may find a lower price than ours elsewhere. But hardly will you find better quality and accuracy than what’s carried on this Hatsune Miku costume! To vividly cosplay as this fictional character, check out this costume here please.

Vocaloid the Sandplay Singing of the Dragon Miku Cosplay Costume_1

Whether the product looks the same with what the original game shows to us is the most crucial aspect cared by each customer. Of course, this is also considered by staffs at Here, the Sandplay Singing of the Dragon Miku costume includes a dress and hat. As you know, the dress features a rather complicated look. To make it faithful to the imaginary style, well experienced designers and tailors in our own clothing factory did an elaborate analysis on it before doing any cutwork. Pictures displayed here show you details.

Vocaloid the Sandplay Singing of the Dragon Miku Cosplay Costume_2

Aside from above mentioned aspect, the Vocaloid costume is made from luxurious cotton. This is not exaggerating at all. We have professional fabric suppliers who are well experienced in this industry. Cotton looks and feels great. Besides, it can be easily cleaned. Immerse the costume in cold water, wash and line it dry. It will keep smooth for a long time.

Our goal is to delight each cosplay devotee. So, except regular sizes ranging from S to XL, we can also customize the costume for you. Once it’s finished, it will be shipped out via fast shipping method worldwide. We reply to any of your questions ASAP. So, feel free to order on our cosplay store!