Take Full Advantage of Your Pink Wig : Vocaloid Megurine Luka And Louise Cosplay

Remember that Luka tutorial? Using that wig twice is no problem! For Luka we created a mature look but Louise is a little girl, so we will use the same wig and create a childlike makeup!


  1. Prime your face and put on your foundation. Make sure it’s super perfect! And then apply concealer. It needs to be absolutely flawless, so don’t try to rush it. Set everything with powder.stepluka
  2. If you want you can contour your nose a little, but nothing too harsh. Louise has a round face. I used lots and lots of blush and applied it with a flat brush. I didn’t apply it underneath of the highlighter but in a triangle under my eyes and then blended it outwards. I wanted that super young and girly blushing style. Make sure you don’t look as if you have a fever!steptwo
  3. Now use your eyeliner. Her eyes are super huge so I made the eyeliner high above my irises when I am looking straight forward. Then I just winged it out and brought it back to my lower lash line, but only a little! I used purple eyeliner for the lower part so it wouldn’t look too harsh. I applied white eyeliner on my waterline and put highlighter in the inner corners of my eyes. Then I put some light pink eye shadow inthe outer corners. Put on your false lashes now!stepthree
  4. Colour your eyebrows with a dark and light pink eye shadow for a natural look. Brush out your eyebrows. Now, if you want, conceal the edges of your lips and put some super pink lipstick on. Blend it out and apply pink or clear lip gloss. Throw on your wig! I fluffed it up and separated the bangs for Louise’s hairstyle. Secure it with hairspray!stepfinal

After HatsuneMiku comes Megurine Luka, naturally…! For this lady you don’t need much… besides lots of makeup and a good attitude!

As always, prime, use foundation, concealer and set with powder. A good base makeup is indispensable for a nice cosplay makeup.

Now, take only a little bit of blush. Adult ladies do not blush! At least not much. Use a pink one and dab it onto your cheeks. I contoured my nose to look smaller, then my jaw and my cheekbones. Then, use glittery idol singer highlighter! If you’re standing on a stage you need to outshine the lights around you!

Great! Get your eyeliner now. I chose to do a rather slim line. I applied light pink eye shadow on my eyelids and put some darker pink in the crease of my lids. In the outer corners I put only a small tiny bit of black and blended it out. I drew a short line underneath my lower lashes. Then apply mascara on your lower lashes and use white eyeliner on your waterline. I used the highlighter again on the inner corners of my eyes.

False lashes now! I also concealed the edges of my lips and applied some super red lip cream in the middle.ocaloid

ocaloid-bPut on your wig! Brush it thoroughly. And you’re done!

Credit to the guest writer Luxayre Cosplay

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