Author on Miccostumes Blog – Mixiao

MixiaoIt’s our pleasure to invite you to write for us, Mixiao!

This is another regular contributor at our blog – Mixiao, who is also known as Michelle Nguyen. She has published six articles here, including:

Throwing away old manga? Here’s an idea
How to make Vocaloid Magnet headphones
How to make a Kingdom Hearts Birth By Sleep Wayfinder
How to make Emily the doll – Pandora Hearts Tutorial
Introducing the new weekly Fan Art Feature!
Weekly Fan Art Feature #2 – Vocaloid and Final Fantasy IX

Mixiao comes from Australia, being 19 years old now. She is a student, aiming to become an art teacher in the future. She holds a strong interest in anime, manga, j-dramas, k-dramas, k-pop and certainly cosplay (she has shared us many stunning cosplay tutorials before). Most of her artworks were exhibited at several art galleries in Sydney. She loves to create new or odd things to be worn for university and specializes in accessories for cosplay. To see more Fan Art, just keep updated with what she shares later :D.

So, are you also interested in writing for us? We look forward to authors who love cosplay, anime, manga, otaku, comic, video games, costumes, Halloween, Japanese pop culture etc. If you are willing, don’t be hesitant to let us know.

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