How to make Vocaloid Magnet headphones

vocaloid magnet

What you need:

  • Plain head band. Preferably white but any colour will do.
  • Black lace or black and white ribbon.
  • Foam sheet. Colour of your choice.
  • Black cardboard
  • Craft glue
  • Hot glue
  • Craft wire or thin wire
  • Thin black ribbon
  • Black fabric
  • Interfacing
  • Polyester stuffing
  • Laminator and laminating sheets (if you don’t have a laminator you can still make the headphones, just skip the laminating steps)
  • Compass
  • Stanley knife
  • You will need to download this template as well: Wings and Circle Design


1) Using hot glue, glue the black and white ribbon or lace over the headband and let it dry.

2) Print out the template for the wings and laminate it. This will make it a stronger stencil.

3) Using your stanely knife, cut out the template and trace it twice on black cardboard. Cut out the cardboard and using craft glue, glue it down on your foam sheet. NOTE make sure your wings are not facing the same direction, make sure you have a left, and a right wing.

4) Print out the template for the Circle Design and laminate it. Cut out the circles.

5) Using your compass measure a distance of 3.5cm and draw 2 circles on your foam sheet. Cut them out and glue on the circle designs, one design per foam circle. If you laminated the circle design, it’s best to hot glue it. if not, craft glue should work for unlaminated paper.

6) Using the same compass distance, draw 2 circles on interfacing and cut it out.

7) Cut out 4 squares from your black fabric, the squares should fit the interfacing circles with extra space around.

8 ) Iron on the interfacing circles onto a black fabric square each.


9) Place an interfaced square on top of another square without the interfacing and sew around the circle leaving a gap big enough to turn the circle inside out.

10) Trim off the excess fabric,leave a 1cm border around the sewing. Turn the circle inside out and stuff with polyester stuffing and sew down.

11) Repeat steps 9 and 10 for the other fabric square.

12) Grab a circle design and a wing, find the right spot you want it in and flip the two over, draw the outline on the circle where the wing and circle over lap. Then hot glue it down. Repeat for other wing.

13) Cut off 50cm of craft wire, fold it in half and twist them together. Find the middle of the wire and place a thick marker in this spot. Bend the wire to make a U shape. Roughly 10cm from the tip of the U bend it off the 2 ends at a right angle in opposite directions, with remain wire curve it into a circle, the circle should be same size as your circle design. Twist together the remaining wire around the circle. Hot glue it onto your circle design. Repeat.


14) Grab your headband and place it inside the circle roughly 2 – 2.5cm into the circle. Mark the overlapping spot, then hot glue it on. Do the same for the other side

11) Cut off 50cm of craft wire and again fold in half and twist. Using hot glue, glue thin black ribbon onto the wire. The wire should be sandwiched between 2 layers of ribbon. One on top and one below it.

15) Cut a small amount of black fabric and sew a small rectangle. This will be your microphone so make it small. Stuff it with polyester stuffing and place one end of the ribbonwire into the rectangle and seal it off with hot glue. (you can also glue a layer of the foam sheet on the bottom of the microphone to give it a bit of extra colour)

16) Glue down the other end of the ribboned wire on either side of you headphones, you should place it directly under the headband.

17) The last step is to glue the black circles you made before on the inside of your headphones, they should fit perfectly. It’s best to glue the interfaced side to the foam wings, that way it’s nice and soft for your ears.

There we have it, Vocaloid Magnet headphones! Check out my other stuff at my deviantart page click here for my tutorials on How to make your own lolita maid headdress, Lucy Heartfilia’s whip from Fairy Tail or How to recycle your old manga into Lolita hats.

Thanks for reading! Feel free to comment on my page or here for any other tutorials you would like to see o(^0^)V


Mixiao is a university student form Australia, studying to become art teacher. Mixiao has had her artworks, exhibited at various art galleries in Sydney and specializes in cosplay accessories. She likes anime, manga, j-dramas, k-dramas, k-pop, cosplaying and is not shy of wearing her creations. Changing the ordinary and making it extraordinary is the motto she lives by.

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  1. The link for the “wings and circle design” is broken. Where can I find the template?

    1. Dear Samantha,
      Sorry but I’ve lost the original file for it. You can easily do a google image search for “vocaloid magnet template” and there will be plenty of other user’s templates.


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