Introducing the new weekly Fan Art Feature! #1

Hi everyone Mixiao here!

I’m happy to announce that Miccostumes’ Blog page will be featuring a new segment…[Drum roll please]… Weekly fanart features! Banzai!

There are many ways in which we show our love for our favourite Anime, Manga, Video games some include: cosplay, music videos, fanfics and of course fanart!

Here on the blog page, each week a certain amount of artists will be able to have the chance for their works to be featured in the Fanart blog. Of course we will also link your works to your webpage if you desire.

To have the chance for your works to be featured here please email us at with the following:

  • Your Name
  • Country
  • Website [if desired]
  • Medium of work i.e. Pencil, Paint, Photoshop etc.
  • A maximum of 2 works attached in the email
  • The name of the anime/manga/video game it is from

You will be notified via email if your work/s have been selected. You can email us with as many works as you like, however if you are selected for the feature, you will not be able to be featured again for 2 months. Please let others have the chance to share their talents too o(^O^)V


*Works must not include nudity, sexual references, violence, profanity etc.  as many readers may be under the legal age*

*Works must be done by you, please do not steal other’s and claim it as your own*

*Use of bases are allowed*

* Submitted works must be clear, please no blurry images*

Now to start off our 1st fanart feature!

Some readers out there may be familiar with my tutorials or have seen some of my cosplay accessories such as the Maid Headdress, Fairy Tail Whip,  Manga Hats, Vocaloid Magnet Headphones, Kingdom Hearts Wayfinder and more recently the Pandora Hearts Emily Doll. Well today I’m going to show you guys my 2D side^^ check out my other works at

The works below were drawn using a Graphics tablet and Adobe Flash CS4.

Kuroshitsuji – Sebastian and Ciel

seb n ciel

Pandora Hearts – Alice


The second artist to be featured today goes by the name of Peter from Australia. His work is of a 3D rendering of Amane Misa from Death Note done in pencil on paper.

Death Note – Amane Misa



Mixiao is a university student form Australia, studying to become art teacher. Mixiao has had her artworks, exhibited at various art galleries in Sydney and specializes in cosplay accessories. She likes anime, manga, j-dramas, k-dramas, k-pop, cosplaying and is not shy of wearing her creations. Changing the ordinary and making it extraordinary is the motto she lives by.

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