Princess Cosplay Ideas For 2015

Princess characters are a popular trope in movies, video games, anime, and more. Though personalities between princesses are as different as any other group of characters, they are all united with the dignity, authority, and beauty that the word “princess” conjures up. Doing a princess cosplay can give a chance to express through yourself that royal grace – whether that be through cosplaying a court princess wearing a floor-length ball gown or a warrior princess with a sword at the ready. You can even be a combination of both!

However, it can be difficult to pick a single character to cosplay, even if you may wish to narrow your search down to a princess character. So, to help you on your quest, here is presented Princess Cosplay Ideas for 2015!

Disney Princess


Disney is a cultural staple and world-renowned animation company. It’d be hard to find someone who couldn’t recognize a Disney princess, and so if you cosplayed a Disney princess your costume would be appreciated by even those who have no clue what cosplay means. Not to mention that cosplaying a Disney princess to conventions will get you starry-eyed children asking for a picture with their favourite princess, which is a truly heartwarming experience. Disney princess cosplays are always a safe bet for a costume that will be universally recognized.


Currently there are 11 “Official Disney Princesses” consisting of Snow White, Cinderella, Aurora, Ariel, Belle, Jasmine, Pocahontas, Mulan, Tiana, Rapunzel, and Merida. Elsa and Anna from the wildly popular Frozen franchise are not included on this list, but for all intents and purposes can be recognized as Disney princesses, along with many others not mentioned here. However, the official 11 + Elsa & Anna are the most well known princesses from the animated films Disney has produced over the years.




Even among just Disney princesses, there are many characters to choose from. If you had a favourite Disney princess as a child, it could be fun to relive memories of your childhood and cosplay what was once (and may still be!) your favourite princess. Or, if you want to run wild with a wilder haircut, Merida may be the choice for you. Though, choosing a cosplay doesn’t necessitate having some deeper meaning; choosing to cosplay Elsa simply because you think her dress to be the most beautiful is as good reason as any other to choose a cosplay!

Alternate Disney Princesses

Though it is a slight repeat of the last point, this topic is still an idea worth mentioning. As Disney is so well-known, the characters can be easily recognizable even without the full costume. If you have even just the hairstyle for a popular princess character, there is a good chance that you will be recognized, even not when decked out gown and garters. As such, if you keep just the hair and a design element from the source material, you can be free to transform your cosplay as you wish while still keeping it recognizable.


This is a great chance to make a cosplay for an alternate universe version of a recognizable character. The “Hipster Ariel” meme was popular for quite a while, but you could do your own modern version of one of the princesses! If you find yourself with the desire to cosplay a princess, but find yourself short on cash, this idea may work for you as you would be able to use everyday clothes instead of shelling out hundreds of dollars on feet upon feet of dainty dress material.


To continue, if you are in love with another series, but still want to cosplay a Disney princess, you could do a crossover and cosplay an AU with your princess! One possible idea would be to do a sailor princess a la Sailor Moon, but there are a million more ideas! Use this as a chance to express your innovation and creativity without letting boundaries between franchises tie you down!

Princess Serenity – Sailor Moon


Speaking of Sailor Moon, another magical princess cosplay to consider would be Princess Serenity! Sailor Moon was – and still is – a show loved by many children, and now that many of said children have grown up and turned to cosplay, Sailor Moon is well known in the cosplay community. Cosplaying Princess Serenity is an excellent chance to be truly mystical as you become the moon princess. However, the true magic involved in this cosplay may be the magic of hairspray to get those hair buns perfect.

Princess Bubblegum – Adventure Time


Originally intended solely as a kid’s show, Adventure Time is a cartoon enjoyed by people of all ages. It’s popularity is in part due to the cast of captivating characters. One of these characters is Princess Bubblegum, the princess of the Candy Kingdom. Scientist by day, and princess also by day she is a wonderful character, and a good cosplay option – especially if you like the colour pink! The difficulties in this cosplay may include having to use face paint and managing an incredibly long wig, but if you bring face paint sealant and a good amount of hair spray it should be fine.


As well, Princess Bubblegum has many different outfits, so depending on what kind of outfit you wanted to do for a cosplay, there’s many already canon outfit options to pick for PB!

Princess Peach / Princess Daisy – Mario Franchise


The Mario franchise is one of the most well known video games franchises, loved by adults and children alike. Like Princess Bubblegum, both Princess Peach and Princess Daisy have acquired, through a multitude of games of all types, many different outfits from which you can choose from to suit your cosplay preferences.

Princess Zelda – Legend of Zelda Franchise


Also from a well-loved video game franchise is the titular Princess Zelda. Zelda is well known especially among cosplayers, but, alas, her outfit is quite complicated. Between different designs, armour pieces, crown, and – if you choose – sword, her costume is sure to be a quest upon itself. However, if you manage to conquer it, your graceful princess is sure to inspire awe in the eyes of others, and strength in yourself as you deal with people who continue to ask you if you’re Link.

Princess Vanellope – Wreck it Ralph


Crowned princess by the end of the movie, Vanellope von Schweetz’s design is as sweet as her name would suggest. If you enjoy candy and all things sugary, this cosplay may be the one for you. Just be sure not to eat your props as you construct Vanellope’s candied costume.

Princess Yue – Avatar: The Last Airbender


Another Moon Princess, but Princess Yue is too beautiful not to include. As she comes from the ice-locked Northern Water Tribe, her costume would probably be better suited to a winter convention as trying to wear it in summer may make you feel as though you were under attack from the Fire Nation.

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