Miccostumes Model Recruitment Results Announcement

Hi guys, the results of our Model Recruitment have finally come out! Thank you all for participating! We will hold another recruitment next year, please follow our Facebook and Instagram for the update.

Here are some of the models who have passed the screening:

Fae La Blanche

1. Fae La Blanche

Thélema Therion Cosplay


Jazlyn Skyy

Jazlyn Skyy-4

Sumire Cosplay

4. Belen

Megan Coffey

Megan Coffey-3

Congrats you’al!

As our sponsor models you will be offered with:

  1. Free cosplay costumes and wigs every month
  2. The special coupon and gift card for models
  3. A specialized section on our platform and the opportunities of self-promotion
  4. The chance to get a Model Star reward, which values more than $200.

And all you need to do are:

  1. Become the official spokesperson of our products, and have special promotional catalog and page on our website;
  2. Photograph with the costumes and props provided by us in every quarter
  3. All the pictures and videos taken by the model will be displayed on our official channel with our official watermark.

And for those not chosen, there’s no need to be upset or disappointed, for we will recruit more models next year which means more opportunities!

Please take our official announcement as the final results. We will release other qualified models later in this month.


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