The Legend of Zelda: Zelda from Breath of the Wild Makeup!

The legend of Zelda has always been the the spotlight when its new game comes out. And this year, since The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild has been published, many cosplayers have cosplayed as its main characters. And princess Zelda, the beautiful and kind heroine is no doubt the best choice for the female fans to cosplay as. So we are offering a makeup tutorial of Zelda here for those who need it. Here we go!


Step 1. Prime your face and apply moisturizer. After that apply foundation and concealer. Hide your under eye circles and blemishes. Zelda needs to have a glowing complexion, so clear skin is a must.

1Step 2. Set everything with powder and choose a nice sparkly highlighter. I used one in a light apricot colour. Apply it generously on your cheekbones. Then use blush. If you want, contour. I only contoured my face a little bit so it looks slimmer.

2Step 3. For your eyes, apply sparkly eye shadows. First, I used a super light pink glittery eye shadow and mixed it with a very light apricot one. On top of that I layered some silver eye shadow. On the outer corners of my eyes I applied a rosé eye shadow and used it to line my lower lashes. I applied a little bit of brown eye shadow on my lash line so it would be a soft lining instead of a harsh black one. Apply your eyeliner then. I winged out mine as wide as I could so my eyes looked longer and slimmer. In my inner eye corners I applied a sparkly eyeliner. I only groomed my eyebrows a bit.

3Step 4. Glue on your fake lashes and blend them into your natural ones.I applied a little bit of lip tint on my lips. Blend it and apply a tiny bit of pink lip gloss. It needs to look innocent.

4Throw on your wig and cute ears. You’re done!


Okay now, dress on your Princess Zelda cosplay costume or on your  Princess Zelda white dress and enjoy yourself!

Thanks a lot to our guest writer Luxayre Cosplay


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