How To Make Overwatch Soldier 76 Mask For Cosplay

We’ve completed the Soldier 76 costume and are about to open for ordering. Now the guide for making his face guard.

For such item, the key is to break down the structure and then deal with each part. Refer to pictures below, sketch the mask shape on a piece of kraft paper. We only drew a half face to duplicate another.

Next, cut off to get a paper pattern as pictured. And then set it apart in pieces.

We’re done with the basic pattern making.


soldier 76

overwatch 76Then as always, create EVA patterns accordingly and assemble them together with glue.

You can see the beveled edges, layers and whereabouts of each part in the following picture. overwatch soldierAs to coloring, coat it with black paint first and wait it to dry, and then add grey and blue on to it.

If you paint too thick one time, there will be flow mark. overwatch menOV cos

We painted it more silver than grey as you can see, you can keep it all black if you like.

There is no LED light behind the screen glass; it’s made of red adhesive tape.OV soldier 76We’re done with it.

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