How to Make Overwatch Headset For Cosplay

Since we released our Overwatch cosplay costumes, we have been asked multiple times about the availability of their armors and props. Sadly, we do not have plan for that.  But here, we can show you how to make the Hana Song headphones.

Main Materials:

  1. 5mm thick EVA sheets,
  2. hot melt glue,
  3. hot melt glue gun,
  4. iron wire,
  5. art knife,
  6. glue,
  7. spray paint.

Firstly, we divide the whole headset into three parts as the picture below (green piece, red piece and blue piece)Dvaa

We will start from the GREEN part.

Measure your head size, and cut to get two long EVA strips, obviously it will serve as the connection between the two earphones.

Notch in the middle and build in an iron wire or it would be too fragile. Add some glue to fix.

Then glue the two pieces together.Dvab

Take care of the details of the green piece.

Prepare two rectangular EVA pieces as below, notch in the middle and then bend.

Finish this, attached then onto the long piece, bend the whole piece into shape.Dva c

Next big step: making the BLUE part.

You can refer to the breakdown view in the following picture; it is made up of such 4 small pieces.

Cut the EVA sheets accordingly.dVA DThen get all these pieces in position and glue them together, done with the blue part.Dva e

Next, the RED part.

See the breakdown picture, it is a little complicated, but same rule.overwatch

Hope it may be more helpful in this way

processFinally, we move to coloring!

Brush a coat of white latex first before painting each part.

When it dries out, glue them together

Dva fDva gWe are done with the headphone, how about the suit?

If you are tired of all those printed suit, go find awesome costume at Miccostumes, together with other Overwatch cosplay, it is nicely detailed and three-dimensional!

(cosplayer: Madison Kate, costume from Miccostumes)



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