How To Make League Of Legends Caitlyn Hat For Cosplay

Piltover, once an ideal mark for plunder, now is known as the City of Progress! Whom should the credit be gave to? Certainly, it should be Caitlyn, The Sheriff of Piltover.
For all Caitlyn lovers and cosplay fans, we are sharing a tutorial to make the hat for cosplay. and you can also find the costume here.
First step, We will  start from the hat body making. Cut EVA sheet of 5mm thickness into 4 pieces, which are in pairs and of two sizes as the following pictures.LOL bThen glue them together and what we get is a cylinder as the main body for the hat.  Next, cut proportionally 4 pieces of EVA sheet as the golden strips to decorate. Glue the 4 strips separately onto the seams of the hat body as pictured below.LOL uAs to the hat roof, cut 10mm EVA sheet  into shape and glue it. Remember to polish the edges, and you can also fill in the seam with glue or a eNext step is to finish the hat brim. Draw up a draft first, and cut EVA sheet accordingly.The middle part needs to be hollowed out and then add it to the main body.The four sides are curved by hand, if the material is too hard to bend, warm the edge with a lighter first.LOL fCut a long square, and glue it to the upper area of the brim.done with that, it looks like thisLOL RThen we will move to the roof details. It simple and easy to learn. Make a pattern first, draw the figure, cut it and glue.LOL jThe last big step: the aiming mirrors and connecting rod hanging aside.
Transparent plastic you will find anywhere can be used to make mirror. Draw the pattern as the photo below, and use art knife to cut in accuracy. We need 3 pieces of different size in total.LOL mAnd then two frames made from EVA are used to clamp each mirror.LOL hFor the connecting rod, EVA is too fragile, so PVC of 8mm thickness is adopted here. Cut two extra EVA cycles and glue them to the rod. It turns out like this:LOL tSimilarly,  make a smaller rod and glue it to the biggest frame like the followingLOL kFind a PVC tube to string them together. And then add an EVA cycle to each end to fix.LOL qSame way to connect the big rod to the smaller one attached with all mirrors.LOL nPrepare another tube to connect the big rod to the hat roof. Cut a round piece of PVC material to decorate, the figure can be engraved by a ball-point pen. LOL oDraw  up the area needed to be cut, an art knife is adopted to cut the hole at the edge.LOL pThen take out the EVA sheet of 10mm thickness again, and cut four circular rings and use hot melt glue to fix them to the hat inner side. the tube can be used to thread through the hole to help locating the EVA rings. Donot forget to color the gear at the top of the hat into silver. To avoid smearing the adjoining area, use Crepe Paper to cover  the edge first and paint.LOL wFind an EVA sheet of 2mm thickness, stand the tube and draw along to get a circle and hollow it up. Paint the EVA into golden and glue it to the hole. Remove the needless, it looks like thisLOL sOne more thing about the coloring, as the golden strips is of thickness, it is better to color the purple area and then use Crepe Paper to overlay the adjoining before paint the other strips into golden.

The final step: assemble, and it looks quite identical to the character’s , right?LOL yApart from the Caitlyn costume, more League of Legends costumes are available at


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