Famous American Cosplay Models (Part2)

In our part 1, we have list first 10 cosplay models in America, today, we will go to the part 2 🙂

11. Katie

Sleeping Beauty, Spider-man 2, The Dark Knight, 10 Things I Hate About You are movies mostly loved by Katie. But costumes for Yuuko and Yukari are her favorite clothing styles.  The strapless white dress for serenity cosplay definitely makes her a sexy princess. Exotic and a little savage Yuna cosplay costume did emphasize overwhelmed appeal!


Mandy, a girl with fabulous creativity, always makes real self-expression on costume plays. This time, her white halter dress for Healed Galaxia cosplay is definitely a finishing touch to boost her appealing femininity. Blond hair is dyed to be red, seeming very harmonious with the consecrate white dress. Then, Mandy well expresses her genius in cosplay by a user-generated role. The elegant suit and the delicate arrow both help her win hurrahs.

13.Mandy Mitchell

Graduating from the University of California at Irvine with a Bachelor of Science and loving horseback riding, cosplay, and reading novels, Mandy Mitchell had made times’ wonderful performance on cosplay stages. Always catching up with the latest cosplay sense, her white Chii cosplay dress exactly accentuates her femininity and makes her moderately sexy. Each element on the dress is exquisitely made, making her appearance a visual feast for cosplay lovers undoubtedly.

14.Maral Agnerian

Also known as Herself the Elf, Sarcasm-hime, Yousei-chan, Elf-chan, Elfie, Zelphone, Maral Agnerian work as a freelance illustrator and also a costumer. Here, the White Astrosexy Bellydance cosplay costume makes her appearance exotic and alluring. The slender figure is wonderfully adorned. Something luxurious is well expressed by delicate and odd accessories used on the suit. Another Pokemon Gijinka costume is much simper. Sharp-cut color contrast becomes a bright spot.


Owning a slim figure of 164cm, Maridah always charms the crowd by appealing looks. This time, the Saber Lily cosplay costume greatly emphasizes her female property, making her sexily appealing undoubtedly. Comparing with an extravagant or excessively odd suit, this white dress with separate collar must better fit her body shape and also white skin tone.


Dreaming to be a cartoonist since the childhood and working in a cosplay business, Mary is also a devotee for Sailor Moon, Revolutionary Girl Utena, Berserk, Battle Angel, Gankutsuou, Final Fantasy, etc. Here, the purple t-shirt and black shorts for Horo cosplay do not overdo the fantastic beauty appreciation on cosplay costumes, looking great with her brown hairstyle. Then, the pink Rayearth Primera cosplay dress, pink flats but green hairstyle perfectly blends odd sense of style with sex appeal.


Getting into cosplay in 2003 without any knowledge about sewing, Megan finally becomes good at making her costumes in a short time. That is not easy.Here, let’s look at her Juvia Loxar cosplay style. Is there a Juvia Loxar cosplayers much sexier than Megan? I really don’t think so. Then, the sex appeal lasts to her Oerba Dia Vanille cosplay appearance. Pink bolero with intricate yet delicate accessories makes her can not be neglected in the busy crowd undoubtedly.


Meru is a beautiful girl with blue eyes and blond hair. Loving exercise, shopping, anime figures and of course cosplay, she had ever stunned the crowd by Louise de la Vallière cosplay look. Here, the black bikini show is shared with you. It’s overwhelmed alluring, right? Also, her allure is well expressed by the off the shoulder red body suit while going for a Lilith Aensland cosplay. It seems like Meru often looks stunning with different colors and clothing styles.


Miracole is a part professional makeup artist and part illustrative model. But what makes her well-known is her vast assortment of custom designed comic costumes. On her Black Widow cosplay performance, people do detect her cool charm. The black suit perfectly decorates her figure and expresses her amazing personality. It seems like that she often completes fabulous looks with black.


Brown eyes and red hair always make Molly noticed in the crowd. Beginning costuming since 2004, she is also an excellent cosplayer. Her purple dress for ino yamanaka cosplay leaves a deep impression for lots of people by incredible glamour. Also, the bold and unique Black canary costume style seems like existing only for her.


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