Cosplayer Interview with Andrew Voraboud

Ichigo Kurosaki Final Getsuga Tenshou Cosplay

Andrew Voraboud – winner of the November cosplay contest, accepted our interview here. He has been sponsored with the Fullmetal Alchemist Edward Elric Cosplay Costume Costume. While coming back from the holiday, he will share us some cosplay photos with this costume. Thanks, Andrew :P!

Q1. Please tell us something about yourself.

Well I am 18 years old now getting old OTL and have been cosplaying for more than 1 year now. I am a person who likes meeting new people at conventions and there is a competitive side of me but I still love having fun with friends and family 😀

Q2. When did you begin to do cosplay? You like it or got into it by some other reasons?

I had my year 11 social formal in 2010 and I needed a costume for it so I bought my first costume from the internet for my social formal. And I didn’t want my costume to go to a waste so I wore it to different conventions and really enjoyed it and that’s how I started cosplaying.

Q3. What’s your favorite cosplay and why?

My favorite cosplay has to be Nicholas D. Wolfwood from the Trigun series because is he a awesome character that carries around a giant cross gun with him and I really loved old school animes 😀

Nicholas D. Wolfwood

Q4. Have you ever met some difficulties in cosplay? And how did you solve them?

Yes! I have much time. But I always like a challenge when creating my costume and props. I usually ask friends/family or look for tutorial to solve the problems and “ALOT” of research.

Q5. I find you have so many stunning pictures displayed in the gallery. So, are you often photographed? Is there any suggestion for people? How can they look great while facing the lens?

I usually get photographed at the conventions I attend too. But it is also a good tip that you should research on locations suitable for your character and the poses that the character does.

Q6. Is there any suggestion for which convention cosplay beginners can go?

If you live in Australia the best conventions for the beginners to attend are Animania, Supanova and Smash in Sydney ^_^

Q7. We do think your cosplay photo you sent to us in the application form seems ideal. So, how could you achieve this?

Sharing it others.

Ichigo Kurosaki Cosplay

Q8. Any new plan you can’t wait to do? Or which conventions do you plan to go recently?

2012 I have my childhood anime characters I have been waiting to cosplay. Some characters are from Dragonball, One Piece and Young Justice.

Q9. Are your costumes made by yourself or bought?

Most of costumes are usually made by myself. But only a few costumes are bought for a photoshoots.

Q10. What are the good things of cosplay? And also, what are the bad things?

One of the best things about cosplaying is that you meet new people at different conventions and there are also so many good cosplayers at each convention. A bad thing about cosplaying is that some people can be very judgmental on your costume about detailing and how they look the point is to have fun cosplaying.

Q11: What do your family members think of your cosplay? Do they also like it and support you?

My family approves with cosplaying but education comes first before cosplaying. And my uncle supports me help and teaching making props and also my photographer.


I’m also a devotee for cosplay. To do well in this performance art, I’m interested in hunting for funny, gorgeous or fantastic pictures. From these breathtaking works and interviews done by cosplay talents, I always get inspired.