2014 December Miccostumes Crossplay Contest

Miccostumes Crossplay Contest

Event: Miccostumes Crossplay Contest (Dec. 2014)


Entering Period: Dec.1th – Dec.30th (PST) Entries earlier or Later than this period will not be accepted.


Winners and Prizes


Those who have the most “Likes” will win the contest.

You can post it on any social media, Facebook, Deviantart, World Cosplay, Instagram…


First Prize: a costume from Miccostumes or $100 cash coupon

Second Prize: a wig from Miccostumes or $50 cash coupon

Third Prize: $20 cash coupon

Each contestant after the third with more than 10 likes will get a $5 cash coupon.

Note: Cash Coupon can be used as equivalent cash when purchasing on www.miccostumes.com.


How to Participate

All you need to do is post on any social media you use with at least two photos (more is prefered) of your crossplay with required contents.

The text must contains Miccostumes.com Dec. 2014 Crossplay Contest https://blog.miccostumes.com/?p=10433, reply here or on our Facebook with the link to your post. All submissions must contain Name, Age, Gender, Country, Character and its Anime/Game name.


My name is Mic and I am a 20-year-old girl from United States. I’ve been a cosplayer for 3 years. I just joined Miccostumes.com Dec. 2014 Crossplay Contest https://blog.miccostumes.com/?p=10433 This character is Kirito from Sword Art Online, I hope you guys like it. Vote and share for me if you think my crossplay is good.


About the qualification

At least two photos are required. One of the photos should be showing your real gender (life photo) and the other photo should be your crossplay (the opposite gender).

(A girl cosplaying as Miku? No! If you’re a girl, crossplay means you must submit a photo of you cosplaying a male character.)

The photos should be clear enough to identify your gender and the character you are cosplaying. Couple cosplay and group cosplay are not acceptable.

Please note that only one post is valid, we’ll not add up the likes if your post is more than one or on different websites.

Miccostumes has the final say whether you’re qualified. (Contact us if you have any questions)


Winner Announcement:

Winners will be announced on our blog and Facebook on Dec.31st, the prizes will be rewarded right after.


*Miccostumes.com reserves all rights of final interpretation.


Below are the contestants:


Amy     Amy


Aria     Aria


Azurimi     Azurimi


Carolyn Davis     Carolyn Davis

Catherine     Catherine


Chiara     Chiara


Chelsie     Chelsie


Gen     Gen


Howe     Howe


Jaime     Jaime


Jojo     Jojo


Karianne     Karianne


Lara     Lara


Matthew     Matthew


Maylee     Maylee


Molly     Molly


Rayne     Rayne


Rhea     Rhea


Sam     Sam


Sarah     Sarah


Saya     Saya


Shelby     Shelby


Tiffani Decker     Tiffani Decker


Tsit     Tsit


Yuki     Yuki


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  1. What about characters that crossdress? For example, ciel phantomhive, when he dressed up as a girl, may a girl dress up as crossdresser ciel?

  2. Hello! I posted my entry on Facebook, but it won’t let me post on/tag the Miccostumes page. Is there any way to submit it if it has votes on two different sites?

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