How to Make Fake Big Boobs For Cosplay — Here’re 6 Ways

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Actually most female anime characters have full breasts but most cosplayers don’t, so how to make fake big boobs when you cosplay? This maybe a big question for many cosplay girls who are looking for breast fuller and cleavage tips.

1.Make Fake ones: This is the magic in my eyes, you can make fake bigger breast using Craft foam, cotton etc. Check the video tutorial from Rynn, you will know how to make fake boobs by foam:

Rynn’s video channel fan also make her own breastplate tutorial, you can check the details at here and will know how to make breastplate for some armor cosplay.

And Cosplayer Nameko Children made her fake boobs using used newspaper,cloth duct tape and soft board, check her costume look below:

And Nameko also shared her details process tutorial to make this fake breast, cosplayers can follow this step by step tutorial to make their own ones:

Photo from atelierspana .

And Cosmode magazine also share a tutorial about cosplayers how to make fake big boobs easily,please check the photo tutorial below :

Evernote Camera Roll 20150326 165418

2. Wear small bra:  Personal don’t recommend this ,because it hurts and bad for your health.

3.Wear two bras: It works, you can check pomp-berry‘s tutorial below, and she also made a cleavage makeup video here.

4. Some bras will make your breasts look bigger naturally:

  • Push up Bras
  • Padded Bras
  • Water Bras

5.Bra inserts:Usually made of cotton or silicone, you can check some examples here.

6.Makeup and stand up straighter: This maybe the most simplest and natural way to make your breast look bigger, check the video from below, you will get much inspired:


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