How to Make One Punch Man Genos Arm For Cosplay


Blond Cyborg! Yes, you did not hear it wrong; One Punch Man Genos becomes possible to cosplay in a simple way. Here we are providing a step-by-step tutorial specified for Genos cosplay arms.

Materials: cutter, pencil, glue, compass, set square, EVA panels of 3mm and 5mm thickness, and most importantly, your hands!

First step: making basic patterns of shoulder pieces, upper arms and forearms. Here 3mm EVA sheets were used as sketchpad, and other materials like paperboard or Kraft paper are also workable.



Draw patterns, after done, redo the drawing on EVA panels of 5mm thickness.
For symmetrical pieces, flip side.


Cut off the basic pieces along the line, better not to use scissors or the sunken cutting edge will lead to joint gaps when gluing.


Glue the pieces together. If the pieces need to be in tubby or curve shape, bend them with hands beforehand. This process will make gluing easier.


When finishing the main piece gluing, you can get started at making the patterns of decorative design. Draw figure lines according to the base pieces first.


Similarly, re-drawing the figure and cut them into shape.


Glue the decorative pieces and fit them with main pieces like the following picture.


Pin the rivet on the forearm pieces as pictured, while use electric soldering iron to carve the figure line of shoulder pieces.


Use heat gun to blow all over the parts, which will improve the hardness and shaping of the EVA, at the same time, the pores at EVA surface will shrink.AKK

Base coat: chassis armor paint of car use was chose, as it’s of larger granules and can greatly resemble the iron effect. Also the surface treatment of white glue paint can be saved.


Metallic coloring : Before the black pant get dry, quickly spray Chromium plating color on the surface, and let the two pants mixed together.AMM

If you have come to this step, congratulations! You are finishing the Genos Cyborg arm, what’s next? Put on and posing for cool photo shoot!



Cosplayer NiphDUBS and ModeratelyOkay shared their Genos cosplay using our cosplay aroms, and they even add led lights in it,amazing!


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  1. Hi , i would love to cosplay as genos, but i would also love to add lights or something like that . What do u recommend me to do? Ty

    1. I was thinking of the same thing with the lights. For the center of the hands I was thinking of using those circular push lights and inserting them…not sure how well it would look but its a thought to play with.

    2. yes, there are many led cosplay tutorials online, but if you want to add light accessories on the arms, you should be careful, except you are have knowledge of cosplay armors making.

  2. how did you measure for the sheet of patterns? thats the part that has me stumped on trying to make the armor he used for his fight with saitama

  3. Hello! I just wanted to say your tutorial is amazing! I’m glad someone finally uploaded one for Genos arms.
    But one question, what’s the dimensions of the Eva foam and how many sheets would I need to complete the cosplay?

  4. Can we see the patterns? The tutorial isn’t going to do me any good if I don’t know what shape the pieces need to be.

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