Weekly Fan Art Feature #3 – D.Gray-man and Pokemon

For our Fan Art Feature this week, we showcase to you the works of two very talented artists both from the United States of America.

The 1st artist today goes by the name of Kiley, their work is of Allen Walker from the anime/manga/video game D.Gray-man. The work is done using mixed media including pencil, pastels, markers etc. For more of Kiley’s works please visit  their deviantart page

D.Gray-man – Allen Walker
Allen Walker Fanart

The second artist for today’s feature is Alex Smith, from Philadelphia, USA.  Alex’s works are digitally created using Adobe Photoshop. The works below are of the Pokemon Lickitung, Vanillish and Charmander. For more of Alex’s works visit their facebook page

Pokemon – Lickitung, Vanillish


Pokemon – Charmander


To have the chance for your works to be featured here please email us at miccostumesfanart [@] gmail.com with the following:

  • Your Name
  • Country.
  • Website [if desired]
  • Medium of work i.e. Pencil, Paint, Photoshop etc.
  • A maximum of 2 works attached in the email
  • The name of the anime/manga/video game it is from


Mixiao is a university student form Australia, studying to become art teacher. Mixiao has had her artworks, exhibited at various art galleries in Sydney and specializes in cosplay accessories. She likes anime, manga, j-dramas, k-dramas, k-pop, cosplaying and is not shy of wearing her creations. Changing the ordinary and making it extraordinary is the motto she lives by.