Tutorial: Vocaloid – Senbonzakura Haraegushi


 Haraegushi or Onusa is a wooden wand used in Shinto  rituals. It is decorated with many zig-zagging paper streamers it is waved left and right during purification rituals. In Senbonzakura, The Haraegushi uses the shape of cherry blossoms to replace the zigzag streamers.This tutorial will show you how to make Hatsune Miku’s Cherry blossom Haraegushi. For my tutorial I used various types of pink fabrics to create a look with more depth instead of the original with one colour. Feel free to just stick to one colour or experiment with various.

What you need:

  • Various shades of light pink fabric [if you want a dynamic look]
  • Light pink flower petals. This can be purchased off ebay if you can not find it at the stores. You will need over 300 petals
  • Sewing machine
  • White fabric [felt]
  • Red wool
  • Wooden rod around 70-100cm
  • White Ribbon


  1. If you wish to create the dynamic look start at this step if not continue to step 4. Cut4cm wide and 40-50cm long strips of pink fabric. It is up to you how many strips you want.
  2. Sew a straight line straight down the middle of the stip and cut petal shapes into the strips.


3. The darker pinks will be on the inside of our wand so sew all the pinks together at the top. When sewing it together lay an extremely long strip of white ribbon under. This will help you hold the strand easier.



4. Now we sew the petals together. So, start with one petal and overlap it with another at the end. Continue sewing petal after petal until you reach a similar length to your strips or a length of 40-50cm.

5. Once all the petals have been sewed , continue to attach it to the ribbon strip we have above.

6. When all the petal strips have been sewed together they should form an extremely wide curtain of flowers. Wrap the darker end first to the wooden rod. If you don’t have the darker pinks just wrap either end.

7. Cut a small square that will be able to fit around the top of your bundle of petals with extra space to spare.

8. Grab the red wool and tightly coil around under where the ribbon is, this is the thickest part of your bundle and make many knots. And we are done!

Senbonzakura Photography by LMKusanagi

Cosplay by Mixiao



Mixiao is a university student form Australia, studying to become art teacher. Mixiao has had her artworks, exhibited at various art galleries in Sydney and specializes in cosplay accessories. She likes anime, manga, j-dramas, k-dramas, k-pop, cosplaying and is not shy of wearing her creations. Changing the ordinary and making it extraordinary is the motto she lives by.