Top 10 Cool Anime Boys in Naruto

After discouss ninja weapons and tools in Naruto, let’s unveil the coolest anime boys in naruto. Among characters in Naruto that leave deep impressions for lots of people, these handsome boys can’t be neglected actually.

Top 1: Minato Namikaze

Ever called as Konoha’s Yellow Flash and being able to turn around the war situation, Minato Namikaze has instinctive charisma. Flying thunder god technique, which is as brilliant as meteor, makes him be worthy of the Fourth Hokage.

Top 2: Uchiha Itachi

This is a kind-hearted man, who conceals endless sadness under the pitiless expression in his eyes. Indescribable ninjutsu feels like his meaningful words: the reality is just an illusion.

Top 3: Uchiha Sasuke

For sure, Uchiha Sasuke is cool, who charms so many girls. He is a man who buries love and hate in his deep heart. His Sharingan – Mangekyō Sharingan is also so cool.

Top 4: Sasori

Fiery-red hair looks like barbed rose. A sad childhood makes him step on a road without return and enjoy the excitement of fight. He considers eternity as a kind of art. Yes, this is Sasori – the first person in Akatsuki who died in battle.

Top 5: Sai

As a boy with lowly emotional quotient, Sai was influenced by Uzumaki Naruto. It’s believed his smile will seem as real and natural as his paintings one day.

Top 6: Gaara

Having never been closefisted in attacking, Gaara always shows us grandiose fight scenes. After becoming KazeKage, he found clinging belief. Plus the sober voice, he really becomes mature.

Top 7: Kakashi

The name of Copy Ninja gains much respect in the ninja world. Kakashi is a man with a story, who has cool posture of Hand Seals, calm thought and mysterious mask.

Top 8: Utakata

Appearing in the anime like a flash in the pan, Utakata is one of those tragic characters. Once laying down the burden in the heart and meeting a new life, he was killed by Pain. How miserable he isL!

Top 9: Hyuga Neji

Because of the flowing hair and graceful movements, he must do well in shooting an advertisement about shampoo ^_^! After breaking away from the puzzle of fatalism, he made a clear judgment on his life path.

Top 10: Uzumaki Naruto

Wind style chakra symbolizes Uzumaki Naruto’s personality: braveness and frankness. To realize the dream, he confirmedly embraces his Shinobido. Intense personality charm makes him fully deserve the honor of “cool boy”.