5 Ways To Make Sailor Moon Cosplay Star Wand and Crescent Wand

Here I’ve collected several ways to make a Sailor Moon cosplay wand, you may find one that you like.

Method One

Color printing: This is the most direct and simple way which is completely suitable for people who are not very good at handwork. You only need to print the accessories on the right parts of the following pictures by color printing. Cut each part of the wand and stick them together. A sailor moon wand made of paper is finished.

Advantage: simple, easy and quick.

Disadvantage: not very stereoscopic and vivid.

Color printing

Picture found on deviantart.com

Method Two

If you would like to make a wand more stereoscopic than color printing, you can use 3D paper to make the wand. Of course it will be a little more difficult than the first method.

(1). Make a star as the following process by 3D paper, and draw the color and patterns as in Sailor Moon with paints.

(2). Roll a 3D paper to the shape of a cylinder as the bar of the wand and draw the color and patterns.

(3). Stick each part together with super glue.

3D paper

Picture found on rouding.com

Method Three

Use polymer clay and wood to make the wand. By this method you can make a completely stereoscopic wand.

Materials: (a). Part of Wood: a cylindrical wood, 4 wood balls (including one biggest, one smaller and two smallest balls), 2 heart-shaped wood (one of which is a bit smaller than the other one). (b). Part of Clay: a small bottle of polymer clay. (c). A utility knife. (d). A pair of disposable gloves. (e). Super glue.

Process: (1). Use the utility knife to cut the clay into the shape of a star, curve a smaller star along its edge. (2). Knead 5 tiny balls on the top of the 5 angles. The sixth angle is excluded because it will be jointed to the main part of the wand. (3). Poke holes at the positions shown in the above right picture. The size of the holes must fit the dowels. (4). Apply super glue on the dowels and insert the dowels into the holes to joint each part together. After the clay become dry, the wand is finished. Of course you can color it as in Sailor Moon.

polymer clay

Picture found on pinterest.com

Method Four (Adapted from the article by Jellybean)

If you are quite good at handwork, the following steps of making a Sailor Moon’s crescent wand may be used as a reference. This way is more vivid and complex than the three methods mentioned above.


Disposable plastic gloves

Piece of thin card as a template for the crescent moon shape

1x 500g pk of Air Dry Modeling Clay

Bowl of lukewarm water

Hot Glue Gun

1x tube of Iridescent Medium

1x tube of Acrylic Paint (Pink)

1x tube of Acrylic Paint (Metallic Gold)

Small Red Gems

sailor moon wand materials

Click here to read the Process.

Finished product shown below.

crescent wand

Method Five (Adapted from the article by onesky-1destiny)

This is to make the extended version of Sailor Moon’s Moon Stick as seen in the first arc of the manga. You can use this tutorial to make the traditional hand sized Moon Stick by using shorter/thinner PVC and making slightly different details.

a. (3-4) 2oz packs yellow polymer clay (I’m using crastsmart brand from Michaels)
b. (1-2) 2oz packs white polymer clay
c. (1) small bottle pink acrylic paint (I’m using Apple Barrel in Bright Magenta 20591)
d. (1) small bottle yellow acrylic paint (I’m using Apple Barrel in Yellow 20502)
e. (1) small bottle pearly white acrylic paint (I’m using FolkArt in Metallic Pearl White 659)
f. (1) can pink spray paint (I’m using Krylon in Watermelon) (OPTIONAL way of painting)
g. (5-6) feet of 3/4″ in PVC pipe, cut into two sections (I’m 5’4″ and I’m using about 66″, or 5’6″ worth of pipe)
h. (1) 3/4″ PVC pipe coupling (used to connect the two pieces)
i. (2) 3/4″ PVC end caps
j. (1) 30mm or 40mm faceted crystal sphere (I buy mine here: [link])
size is up to you, 30mm is a bit bigger than a quarter I use this size for the regular size Moon Stick, and 40mm is about the size of a golf ball which I use for the tall Moon Stick

Click here to read the process.


Hope this article is helpful. Get started and make your own Sailor Moon Cosplay Wand!

Cosplay Tutorial Contest – CardCaptor Sakura “Star Wand Tutorial” by Anna

CardCaptor Sakura
“Star Wand Tutorial”

You will need

  1. Pink Paint
  2. Gold Paint
  3. Foam circle – kinda varies – (I chose I thick one for mine but you can choose a thinner one)
  4. Foam Star
  5. Tiny feather wings
  6. Air-dry Clay
  7. (optional, Red circle gemstone- if you want to be accurate)
  8. Balsa wood stick (1m)
  9. Glue Gun

All these can be purchased from your local arts and crafts store all you need to is ask for them.

Once you have gathered all your required items

Then follow the steps below:

  1. you just simply just pierce a tiny hole into your foam circle
  2. take the wood stick and slide it into the hole
  3. wrap the clay around the stick and cover any gaps made from when you pierced the foam circle
  4. Also you may not see it in the final product picture, but you also need to wrap a thin layer of clay on the bottom of the stick.
  5. To give the star a 3D effect like mine I used the foam star, to choose your star it has to depend on the size of your foam star.
  6. Once you have chosen your foam star simply use your hot glue gun and glue and each of the individual points of the star and place them onto your foam circle


After the glue & clay has dried paint your wand as follows:
The star: needs to be painted gold
The circle/stick: pink of course 😉

After everything is all dry, take the feather wing and chop them in half


And glue them at either sides of the circle


Optional (if you want to be accurate like the reference picture ;))
Take the red gemstone and glue it where I marked


Tada and you’re done 😉
Follow these easy steps and you’ll have your own star staff of your own



This is a guest post from Anna, entered in the Cosplay Tutorial Contest. Click here to check out all the participants and their scores, and more details about the contest, like the rules, how to join, the prize, etc.

Author Bio:

Name: Anna
Gender: Female
Personal Blogs & Social Networks: deviantart, facebook, blogger
Comments about the tutorial: I was looking around for a tutorial for this and the ones i found really annoyed me because of the the cost going into it so i decided to find a affordable alternative to making this star staff since i mostly had the stuff at home like the paints i just had to run up to my local craft shop and gather the supplies that were missing and the process was really fast while i was making this so i decided that i would be able to commission this as well as many of the other props/accessories that i have made in the past