Daily Cosplay – Blazblue Taokaka Cosplay

Blazblue Taokaka Cosplay

This is the first time when we found a Czechish cosplay talent. She is known as Pidlimaja at Deviantart.com. And above picture shows us her Blazblue Taokaka cosplay. I do think her cosplay appearance is rather cute. The white costume with yellow embellishments, especially the hat, makes her complexion seem rather white. Blond hair is tied as two long ponytails, ideally fitting the feminine look. Long tail on the back seems like being rather brushy. However, what’s more important that makes us thumb up is her vivid performance. Do you see a vivid Taokaka from Blazblue here? I do, at least :D.

Daily Cosplay – Blazblue Rachel Alucard Cosplay

Blazblue Rachel Alucard Cosplay

Most people still think about what kind of joy cosplayers get on earth. But I do think before imitating a cartoon character by yourself, you will never understand this. As a performance art that draws attention from people in different age groups, costume play is considered to be a funny toner for people’s life. People make some differences on their appearance and even in their life. Above picture definitely shows you Fenyachan’s Blazblue Rachel Alucard cosplay performance. This is a cosplay talent who is interested in anime, journalism, art, photoshop, etc. She has a special favor for the cartoon character – Tenjou Utena. Rachel Alucard cosplay is one of her newest works. And this should be one of her most stunning cosplay pictures, in my opinion :D. The dress makes her seem so elegant. Blond hair perfectly decorates her white skin tone. But I especially love her red umbrella. How about you?

Daily Cosplay – Blazblue Noel Vermillion Cosplay

Blazblue Noel Vermillion Cosplay

How lucky we are! We found m-a-r-i-k-o today, as the excellent cosplayer in daily cosplay. This is her Blazblue Noel Vermillion cosplay performance on the Sakura-con 2011. Actually speaking, she can’t be neglected in the busy crowd because of such a stunning appearance. The blue dress ideally accents her sex appeal. Plus the detachable sleeves and hat, she charms the crowd by irresistible grace. Only one cosplay work is found in her gallery. But it’s totally believes she deserves waiting. We will continue to share excellent cosplay works from her here later.