New Arrival on Nov. 11 – Code Geass Kaguya Sumeragi Cosplay Costume

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Code Geass Kaguya Sumeragi Cosplay

This is the Code Geass Kaguya Sumeragi Cosplay Costume, available on $52.91 due to the discount. Like any other costume in our store, it looks extremely similar to the original manga look, since steps like analyzing the style, choosing the cloth, etc are strictly supervised.

Code Geass Kaguya Sumeragi Cosplay Costume

This Code Geass costume features a jacket, shawl, sash and dress. Luxurious cotton were used to make the costume, which looks smooth and feels soft and ventilated. Plus refined handwork done by professional tailors, it must delight you. Detailed length information of the costume can be seen on the product page.

Code Geass Kaguya Sumeragi Cosplay Costume1

It’s easy to do a vivid Kaguya Sumeragi cosplay. Since finding this costume, you will also agree with it. Regular size S, M, L and XL can be chosen in our shop. But for a perfect fitting, why not let your costume customized? We can make costumes for both adults and children now!


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