New Arrival on Mar. 2 – Imperishable Night Keine Kamishirasawa Cosplay Costume

Well experienced designers, tailors and marketers working at aim to bring your costume ideas to reality. Having our own clothing factory, we do feel more confident about pleasing you :D!

Imperishable Night Keine Kamishirasawa Cosplay Costume1

Today, costume making you look the same with Keine Kamishirasawa is reviewed here. It’s sold on $67.59 with fast shipping worldwide. This isn’t the lowest price you can find online undoubtedly. If you have your own opinion about the price and want to drop it, contact us please (we have already launched this function on our site).

Imperishable Night Keine Kamishirasawa Cosplay Costume2

The Keine Kamishirasawa costume is made from classy cotton – the cloth used on most of our costumes. Except easy to be cleaned, the fabric is rather supple and durable. The costume is strictly designed and sewn, in order to be faithful to the original style in the game. Detailed product pictures must let you know this. It includes a dress and hat. Plus refined handwork, it does seem like an exquisite artwork!

As a popular role from Imperishable Night, Keine Kamishirasawa cosplay always draws most attention. We make Keine Kamishirasawa costume available on size S, M, L and XL. If you want to customize it, tell us your exact measurement. We will make and ship the costume for you as soon as possible. Now, check it out here?


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