Love Live Nozomi Tojo Makeup Tutorial

Here we have our new blog writer Elise:

“Hello, I’m Luxayre Cosplay from Germany. I’ve been cosplaying since 2011 and will start writing tutorials for Miccostumes. I love styling wigs and playing around with makeup so many tutorials will be about that. My favorite costumes are my Nozomi Tojo‘s Initial Version and Eli Ayase’s White Day. If you have any questions you can find me on Facebook, I’ll be waiting for you! See you there!”



Don’t you just love idols? Love Live School Idol Project is such a drug it’s only natural so many people cosplay them. They have such pretty outfits I can’t help but cosplay them.

This is a makeup tutorial for Nozomi Tojo!

These are the products I will be using:Products

  1. Start with a clean face and prime if you want. I used matting day cream. If you want you can put in your contact lenses NOW before you apply any makeup. I didn’t because my eyes are too sensitive for them.Step a2. If you want you can use green or red concealer to even out your complexion. Then use foundation and concealer to give your face some colour and to hide any blemishes. Be sure to be thorough or else you’ll look patchy and stained.Step b3. Now you can apply eye liner. With a steady hand draw a line on your eyelid that extends outwards. You don’t have to draw a big wing, your false lashes will most likely cover it anyways. Use white eye pencil on your water line. Then use a black eye pencil right under your lower lash line and blend it inwards.step c4. Now get out your false lashes! Don’t try to stick them on right out of the package. Cut them to fit your eyes. Then bend them so they take on a curvy form. Apply some lash glue on your lashes and be sure that the ends are covered. Wait a minute and as soon as the glue turns almost transparent you’re good to go. Be careful and place them as close to your natural lashes as possible.step dHere you can see the difference between the fake lashes (right) and my natural lashes (left).Step e5. Now you only need to brush your many lashes together with a lash brush. You don’t need any mascara, it might hurt your fake lashes. If you use mascara, don’t use too much and only use it to blend your lashes together.Step and

6.At this point I also contoured my face, but only a little. Use some brown colour underneath your cheekbones and some highlighter on top of that, on the bridge of your nose and underneath your eyebrows. Blend really well. You don’t need much since Nozomi has a round face shape. Add some nice pink blush on the apples of your cheeks.

7. Now conceal the edges of your lips. Apply pink lip tint or stain on the middle of your lips. Let it dry. Use some setting spray!Step seven

Step seven b8. Fill in your eyebrows with purple eye shadow and brush them into shape.

Throw on your wig now!Step



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