League of Legends Star Guardian Lux Eye Makeup Tutorial For Cosplay

Dreamy pink, powerful magic, pretty look and damage caused, that’s our Lady of Luminosity Star Guardian Lux!

Among all the League of Legends Lux skins, the Star Guardian has the most notable makeup,  to cosplay and re-creat this character, you cannot miss this tutorial.


  1. eyeshadow set,
  2. Plum red eyeshadow stick,
  3. black and white eyeliners,
  4. brushs and false eyelash

Check out the colors marked with letters first, which will later play the magic to turn you into Lux!Lux aTest the colors on your arm as the skin situation varys according to different people.Lux bWe will skip the foundation part.

To start with, choose color code f and apply it in the lower eyelid area.

Spread and shade the eyshadow with color  g.

For the part near the eyebrow, weaken it with color e.Lux cLux dLine the lower lash line with f color, and gently brush it.Lux eThen use white eyeliner to draw the lower lash line. Brush some light pink(color code h) at the under eye area.Lux fNext, draw a reclining V at the corner of the upper eye lash with a plum red eyeshadow stick.

The tail should trend upward a little as pictured.Lux gOpen the eye, it turns out great.Lux hPencil the inner eyelids to make the eye brighter.Lux iWhen done with that, wear false eye lashs and cut off the spare lashes at the outer corner of the eye.

As to the eyebrow makeup, keep the character brow shape in mind and draw it with eye shadow stick.Yes, Lux has red brows! So do it.

If you are not good at this, outline the shape first. also brush it to make it natural.

The last step is to highlight.  Pick out the white eyeshadow(color code i ) and apply some below the  brow ridge.

Finally, we are finishing it!Lux k

what would you say about it?LOL LUX

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