How to Style Final Fantasy Cloud Strife Wig For Cosplay

If you cosplay, you will figure out in the whole process, styling the wig is the very step you can not even try to skip. You can get the costume and props at local or online stores, while you can hardly get a wig which has been styled perfectly for your face. We will constantly provide some wig styling tutorials, today, we are focusing on how to style Final Fantasy Cloud Strife wig for cosplay.

Firstly, get yourself a gloden wig and put it on the dummy head. Comb the hair and let it fall naturally as pictured.FFV Start from the hair behind ears, part them in two sections, and divide the bang in proportions of seventy and thirty.FFV aThen fasten the bang with a clip and use scissors to cut the overlong hair at the top, if the wig still appears too  dense, thin it.

Next, creat some volum and lift with the comb.FFV bWhen done with the above, take care of the hairs of the temples. Similarly, trim and thin with scissors, but  spare some allowance if you cut it too short, it’s impossible to make up.FFV cCut lengthwise the hair at the back of the head, to somewhere above the hindneck.

For your reference,here is a after and before comparison(the right one): the left part is trimmed and the hair at the right is  original.ffv dTake off the clip and trim the bang into suitable length according to the character.FFV eSeparate a clump of hair at the each side of the face.FFV fThen comb the left hair backward and apply some spray to keep the trend.FFV gWith the help of spray, shape the hair in wisps.FFV h Same way to make wisps at the top part and the bang. Entwist the hair with fingures to make it more spike like.FFV iIn accordince with the Cloud hair style, straighten the temple hair at the left side a little and comb it  fluffy as the picture below.FFV j Straighten the hair at the side face with either wax or a hair straightener.FFV kLast step is to spray all over to keep the wig in shape. Check out what we got:FFV lYou think this is enough? Of course not.

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