How to Style Fairy Tail Natsu Dragneel Wig For Cosplay

There are too many to tell when it comes to this powerful mage ” Salamander”. What are

Natsu Dragneel’s most prominent features? The member’s stamp, signature scaly white

scarf ,pink-colored spiky hair and so on. We will cover the hairstyle part and share the

experience of shaping the wig, hope it would be helpful for cosplayers.

The original look on a dummy head:

natsu aAs always, get scissors, gel, comb and character image ready before hand.
Natsu’s hair is spiky style with tilted frisette, keep this in mind before we get started.natsu bWe will generally cut the hair into suitable length and then style.

Trim the hair from the top, then lift the hair up and see if it’s still overlong.

natsu cThen cut the hair at the back of the head as pictured.natsu dTrim the hair next to the neck. And this is how the wig turns out to be after cuttingnatsu enatsu fNext, we will shape the wig from section to section.

natsu hThin the hair at the top, which will make it easier to creat standing spikes.natsu iWe are moving to creat the general shape.

Apply some spray, lift the hair up and use hand to style the overhead part simplely,Natsu jSimilarly, spray a little and stand the hair at the back. Droop the slim spikes mildly.natsu k

According to the character image,Natsu has sharpe spines at the top of the head, so we need to back to the overhead part and make hairs more spiky.natsu lWhat next is to trim the band into shape and length.natsu mThe wig is almost shaping up, but to make it more identical, we will furtherly divide the hair into clumps and make each clump of hair standing in positions with the help of spray and hands.natsu nnatsu oWhen finished styling, spray all over to keep the wig in shape. And we are done with it.

natsu pnatsu rLet’s take look how it looks on the cosplayer in the photo below.

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