How To Make League Of Legends Blood Moon Akali Weapon For Cosplay

Previously, we shared a tutorial on creating the Blood Moon Akali mask for cosplay, now here is how to make the weapons.

1. 8mm thick PVC sheets,
2. PVC tubes of 20mm diameter
3. Hot melt glue
4. Red paint spray, golden propylene
5. Red ribbon
6. 5mm and 1mm thick EVA sheets

Outline the shape on 8mm thick PVC sheet and cut along the line. Cutting the pattern is a real tough work, especially on PVC.LOL akali aWhen done with that, Glue two pieces into a whole.
If you donot want to work too hard on the cutting, you can also try 3 pieces PVC sheets of 5mm thickness.

lol akali bNext step is to create the blade edge. Bevel at the edges and smooth it with a file. lol akali c

For thickening the donut part, add a layer of 5mm thick EVA or PVC at the each side.
It appears coarse, brush it repeatedly with latex.

lol akali dNext big step is to make the figure.
There are 2 ways to create it. One is to carve the figure with small art knife on EVA sheets and glue it on. Another one is what we adopted here using hot melt glue. Draw the figure with the glue like a pen and below is what we akali e

Then coloring.

Firstly paint the whole piece into red, when it half dries, clean off the color on the figure,then color it carefully into golden. This might be very tiresome,  the golden propylene may creep over the edge.

lol akali fIt’s quite clear what’s left is the handle part, which is very simple to operate.

Cut a PVC tube (20mm diameter) into around 60cm length, decorate and wrap the two end with layers of EVA sheets. At the bottom of the handle, attach a strip of EVA sidelong to tie the ribbon.

Finished that, color the handle.

The last step is to assemble the two big pieces into one, remember to apply some glue at the joint part to strengthen it.

LOL Blood MoonThe Blood Moon Akali cosplay is in process, it will soon be available. While the Nurse Akali as well as other League of Legends costumes have been ready at



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