Daily Cosplay – Naruto Anbu Cosplay

As long as you don’t give up, you will find more. This absolutely makes sense on your cosplay journey. Once you are interested, you can do it. If you insist, you will discover more inspirations gradually. We have never stopped looking for excellent cosplayers. So we found Sasurealian again. Yes, we used “again” because her Black Bulter Ciel Phantomhive cosplay had been shared here 1 month ago. We are fortunate to find more stunning cosplay works from this pretty American girl. She is also known as Aiya or Demi or Saiel. This is her Naruto Anbu cosplay performance. Actually, I was attracted by her blond hair and cool eyes. Kingdom Hearts, Zelda, Pokemon and Final Fantasy are her favorite video games. Having a strong interest in anime and cosplay photos, she shares us many great works in her gallery. Don’t be hesitant to pay a visit there now.


I’m also a devotee for cosplay. To do well in this performance art, I’m interested in hunting for funny, gorgeous or fantastic pictures. From these breathtaking works and interviews done by cosplay talents, I always get inspired.