Cosplay Tutorial-How to make Psycho-Pass Dominator Prop

Guess you’re all familiar with the Dominator if you watch Psycho-Pass so I’ll save the introduction for it. Today we’re going to make one in mode of Non-Lethal Paralyser. Let’s have a look at the original design first.



Isn’t it cool and stunning?  o(≧v≦)o~~  Bet you’ll love it at first sight!



1. EVA (3mm, 5mm, 10mm)

2. Diode lamp beads and electric wire

3. Pen

4. Philip’s head screws (diameter 2mm)

5. Battery

6. Switch

7. Latex, propene and spray lacquer

8. Gloss oil


Data analysis

Before making it, we need to determine the size.

According to the proportion of a person and the Dominator, we can know that its length is about 34.5cm, its width is about 14.5cm and its thickness is about 3cm.



Since there’re many details, we can just use a software to draw the Dominator and then imprint on the EVA.



1. For thickness 30mm, we divide it into 5+10+10+5 mm. Cut two 10mm EVA as the plates in the middle. It is ok that these two are not so accurate in size, later we’ll polish it according to the 5mm outside plates, so you can make them a bit bigger.


2.This is the most important step. Print the model picture and imprint it on the 5mm EVA with a pen. (Note: The lines must be fine and clear.) Then carve grooves along all the lines. Alternatively you can cut all the spare parts and then stick them one by one to the main body.


3. Carve out the parts for lamp beads, carve wire way along the wire. Connect the lamp beads, wire, the switch and the battery. Check if it works when you finish. You can use two more lamp beads at the head if you want the light to be brighter.


4.Draw the light dots on a transparency, color them blue and black. Not too thick either.


5. Stick all the parts together, plug in the screws and polish the edges. Apply white latex, propene, spray lacquer and gloss oil at last. Use paper to block the lights when paint.



The Cosplay Dominator’s done!  \(0^◇^0)/  Now let’s go out and shoot some criminals!



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  1. Alright, so I was wondering what program you used to make the outline for the Dominator, and also how you “imprint” that onto EVA. (Also, where do you suggest that I could find EVA???) How much does this approx cost??? Thank you so much though, I’m looking forward to making this!!

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