Bleach Cosplay Contest in January – AJ Floyd


Cosplayer Bio:

Name: AJ Floyd
Gender: Female
Nationality: California – American

Hello my name is AJ Floyd. Ive been cosplaying and going to cons for a few years now. I lived and California and just moved to Oklahoma. I love this site and wanted to give this contest another go. Ive cosplayed from Naruto, Bleach, Pokemon, Durarara, the World ends with you and pokemon. I also have cosplayed my own variants of some of my cosplays. I’m still new to sewing my cosplays and making them but with my friends and family to back me up and help me.


AJ Floyd‘s Bleach Cosplay Performance

1. Character: Yoruichi

Description: This is my make me purr Yoruichi cosplay. i saw this fan art pic thats everywhere and just wanted to make a cosplay from bleach that was fun for me. I then took the pic and made my own since sometimes i get self conscious about having my belly out and decided to alter the shirt to fit me. I had added safety pins for a fun rocking touch.

Description: waiting for the night. also on this cosplay i added ears and a tail because yoruichi transforms into a cat so i added ears and tail. also on this cosplay i have the name written on the back.

Description: this is a more close up picture of me. its like a head shot. you can see the purple in the hair. Rock on Yoruichi!

Description: this is another fun pic with my dog dakota on my shoulder. shes may not be a cat but we get along. also in this pic


Here’s a simple interview:

Q: How did you know our contest? And how much have you known about

A: I entered the last contest, the Naruto one, and wanted to give this another shot!

Q: Is Bleach cosplay your favorite theme? Which character from Bleach do you most like? Is the costume for this character covered here or in our store?

A: to be honest Bleach isn’t my uber favorite but in my top 10. I love Yoruichi. She is like the best Character in the show and thus awesome. I love cosplaying as her.
Is the costume for this character covered here or in our store?
Yes and that’s the cosplay I’m wanting to win.

Q: What’s your first cosplay? How do you think about it? Is there any photo shared with us?

A: My first official cosplay was Kyuubi from Naruto and yoruichi make me purr was my second. I loved and I’m still learning the ropes of cosplay making but it’s awesome. No I haven’t posted any pics of the first ones yet.

Q: Is there any cosplay plan recently? Or which cosplay convention are you interested in taking part in?

A: I’m in the process of getting my cosplay groups together. We or at least I plan to go to as many cons this year as I can. I want to go back to my first con ever, anime expo in California. I also go to a-kon and anime fest in dallas, izumicon and Tokyo in tulsa in Oklahoma.

Q: How long will you continue to do cosplay? Or do you think you will do it all the time? What does cosplay mean to you? Is there any element rather attractive for you?

A: I think I will try to do it as long as I can. I just love the idea of dressing up and role playing. It really builds a lot of positive traits as well.

Q: We will be interested to know the most memorable moment you got during cosplay.

A: I love making new friends with my cosplay but I did save a now friend of

Q: It’s believed our cosplay fans will be grateful if you can share us with your experience in this performance art. What’s the most important aspect for a cosplay beginner?

A: really its to enjoy cosplaying and not let others opinions get you down. For me there aren’t many characters that fit my looks but I don’t let that stop me. It just means I have to work harder to pull off a cosplay. Anyone can cosplay but you have to do it to make you look the best you can and thus it will make the character unique and good.

Q: Do your family members support you? Do you often talk about your cosplay works with them? Do they also love what you’ve done?

A: Well they support me and help me when they can. They understand this is what I want to do so they help when they can and even participate.


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AJ Floyd

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