Amazing Spirit Blossom Ahri Cosplays Look Just Like The Game

After waiting for long time, four League of Legends champions finally joined the Spirit Blossom event. From the splash arts, Ahri is given a gorgeous light tone while Cassiopeia, Riven and Kindred joins the purple gang. As such, Spirit Blossom Ahri stands out as a legendary cosmetic skin, being sold for 1,820 RP.

Ahri managed to attract the attention of cosplay artists, wearing a very revealing kimono that matches her teal-colored tails. And she did – the new skin was successfully recreated in real life. Owing to space constraints, only some outstanding Spirit Blossom Ahri cosplays are displayed on this page. Together to enjoy them!

  1. Rinnie Riot

2. Aza Miyuko (who you can find on Facebook here)

3. Shiroki

4. Abir Cosplay

With beautiful costumes and delicate makeup, cosplayers try their best to bring Spirit Blossom Ahri into real life. However, most of costumes are finished by hand, and it may take a while to buy Spirit Blossom Ahri costume from cosplay store. Until that time, try other cosplays related to Ahri!

League of Legends Ahri Cosplay Costume Dress

League of Legends KDA Pop Star Girls Ahri Cosplay Costume Bodysuit with Fox Ears

League of Legends Cosplay Costume KDA Ahri Prestige Edition Cosplay Dress

League of Legends Classic Ahri Fox Cosplay Costume Dress

League of Legends New Dawn Ahri Fox Cosplay Costume Dress

LOL League of Legends Ahri The Nine Tailed Fox Cosplay Costume Bunny Girl Lingerie Bodysuit

Incredible Spirit Blossom Ahri cosplays that look like they just stepped out of a game. You may have a try, too. Explore League of Legends’ world and its quality costumes at Miccostumes. Well, today’s blog has come to an end here, thanks for being with us. See you soon!


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