Best Cosplay Ideas for your Family

Author Bio:This is the guest post from HiDef. She’s been has been cosplaying since 2007 and a huge crazy fan of anime, manga, video games, idols and Japanese culture in general.

With more nerdy couples meeting, greeting, falling in love and getting married, there’s an increase in exceptionally nerdy families. It’s hard not to pass your fandoms onto your kids. Even when I used to babysit I would watch anime with the kids I was with. But if you think that your hobbies may be over after having your little bundle of joy, think again! There are plenty of cosplay ideas for couples, expecting couples, and even parents!

1)    Maes Hughes – Full Metal Alchemist


Photo credit:LostRain13 and theEmperorofShadows

Major Hughes from the series Full Metal Alchemist is a major family man and is well known for shoving pictures of his “adorable daughter” in the face of anyone that will pass by. It’s funny, slightly annoying, but definitely cute to see a guy being so passionate about his love for his daughter. Don’t have a daughter yet? That’s fine! Bring your wife to be your Mrs. Hughes. It’s not only perfect for couples with a baby, but also for expecting couples too!  No one can stop the love this guy has. Wouldn’t you want to show off your precious bundle of joy too?

2)    Sailor Moon and Tuxedo Mask – Sailor Moon


Photo credit:Kamerascheu


Photo credit :Shintai-AB

No one can resist this classic. Sailor Moon may be one of the most well known anime series of all time. With the new remake of the anime coming out this summer, everyone is planning a cosplay to homage this magical series. Why not get the whole family to join in? A Sailor Moon, Tuxedo Mask, and Sailor Mini Moon cosplay is perfect for the whole family. Have a little boy? Let him be Artemis, the cat and hold onto a Luna plush! Imagine how cute that would be. No one can resist this trio.

3)    Mario, Princess Peach, Luigi – Super Mario Bros.

13 photo credit : BriteWingz

It’s-a me! Mario and company! This other classic happens to also be a perfect cosplay group for you and the family. It’s very versatile. Have a little girl? Let her be Peach or Toad! Have a little boy? Mario, Luigi or Bowser could be perfect for him! Whether you like anime or just gaming, this family costume works at any convention and is even great for costume parties. Everyone recognizes Mario. Just don’t go overboard with the accent…

4)     Ash, Misty and Pikachu – Pokémon


Photo credit:TashCosplayArt14 and da-wakko

I personally LOVE Pokémon cosplays and I can’t find anyone else that disagrees with me! The best part about this cosplay is that your child can be any Pokémon. And not only that, but there are so many to choose from! An Ash, Misty and Pikachu cosplay group is perfect, but the number of Pokémon your son or daughter can cosplay is limitless.

5)     Ponyo, Sousuke, Fujimoto and Granmamare – Ponyo


Photo credit:Zelrondidi-Ji and tompkinsxx

Ponyo Ponyo Ponyo~ Ghibli is loved worldwide for their wonderfully innocent and sometimes nostalgic movies. And Ponyo is no exception. While your family could probably cosplay from any Ghibli movie, I chose Ponyo because it works really well for couples that have a boy and a girl. And if your kids are old enough, they may enjoy dressing up as the characters from the movie because they loved the movie. Ghibli movies are perfect for children and the whole family.

In the end, everyone finds family cosplays to be precious. People say to do family activities together, so what’s wrong with every family doing their own thing? The cosplay community is so accepting and let’s be honest, cosplaying babies and kids are all too adorable. Though your life may have started with your kid(s), there’s nothing wrong with delving in the fantasy world every now and then. Happy cosplaying!



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Guest Post-If You Have a Cosplay Girlfriend

Hi,everyone,valentine’s day(2013) is coming, this week,one of our customer-Charis submit a guest post to us, it’s really funny, I think we should share it at our blog. So comment here if you like this article 🙂

If You Have a Cosplay Girlfriend

How many of you dudes out there have had a girlfriend who was into cosplay? No, seriously – do you know what it’s really like?

For those of you who know, shush. To all you fellas’ out there with a girlfriend who cosplays, who think that it’s a HOT hobby of theirs – think twice!


They aren’t going to suit up for you; much less half straddle half model in front of the camera with you. Oh yeah, you get to HOLD THEIR STUFF at the corner of the convention room while they go trotting off for hours – posing for the camera away from your watchful eyes.

On a more serious note, here are some pros and cons that I’ve gathered on several lucky and unlucky fellows out there with a girlfriend who cosplays.


1.Let’s start with a bright spot! For the guys with decent girlfriends, she might get you to take pictures of her while she models in the convention. Eye-candies! What better way to spend your time, and hey by the way she isn’t wearing a bra (Left).


2.Hey, her girl-friends might take a liking to you and it will considerably widen your options or you might start counting your blessings (relative to how attractive her friends are and if you want a new girlfriend). Eh, preferably when they’re less clothed – you can’t tell their figure from a bulky droid suit.

33.However, you might really like her so you can look cute and cosplay together (Left) !

Eh, or look like idiots together (Right), they’re not even cosplaying by the way – are those cosplay costumes? I think not.


Now here for the juicy part …


1.Some of these girls may be what you’d call a “homestuck” cosplayer – meaning that they hand-craft their own cutesy little one-pieces and faerie wands. Awwww! You think that’s too cute?

Well, buddy, your girlfriend might not be exactly right up there, if you get what I’m saying. Hell, here’s an anecdote from a lovely girl at tumblr.

Let’s talk about the horrors of being a homestuck cosplayer!

We make our kidneys ruined by all the energy drinks we have to drink to make ourselves stay up and work on cosplay two days before the convention as you hysterically weep and scream “WHY CAN’T I BE BETTER AT SEWING” as you rip out your greasymattedtangledknotty hair and then the fabric gets caught in the machine and your needle snaps then the spool of thread comes unraveled and there’s thread everywhere and you try to fix the needle but it just won’t work then you stab yourself by accident and get blood all over the cosplay and have to start over from scratch and you glance up at the clock and it says 4:07 in the morning and you’ve stayed up all night and then your mom barges in and screams “GO TO BED ALREADY” but you just won’t go until she pulls the plug on the machine and by then you’re having a mental breakdown and curling up into the fetal position and weeping hysterically again and wondering how the fuck you’re ever going to get this done in time and you fall asleep in the corner of your closet underneath two feet of cosplay that’s fallen off the racks but your just too lazy to hang them back up but none the less you finally cry yourself to sleep over all that hard work gone to waste then you get up two hours later, have a few more red bulls and a dozen sugar cookies before sitting back down and working until 5:08 in the morning on the day of the convention then you crawl back into your bed after finishing only to have your alarm clock go off at 5:30 so that you can get your ass up and blow about an hour and a half applying all that gog damn troll makeup and put your horns on then drive to the convention three hours away while in the process freaking out several people in cars beside you and a few people in toll booths but you finally make it to the convention and realize you left a very important prop at home along with the keys to your house so you are utterly fucked then somedouche bag nearly runs you over in the parking lot but none the less you’ve finally made it there and you feel like you’re dead but you still have the time of your life and once you get home your face is covered in various shades of green, blue, and purple from the sloppy troll makeouts and your dripping grey onto your cosplay but you don’t give a damn if you mess anything up and you rip off your cosplay, horns and wig that you put so much time and effortsewing and styling, and scream out “FUCK IT. RIGHT UP THE ASS.” and you fall down onto your bed face first without bothering to take any of the grey off and successfully smear it all over your god tier bed sheets you dedicated so much time you should have been doing homework on, completely exhausted and you fall asleep wondering who in their right mind would EVER do this to themselves willingly and you swear to yourself that you’ll NEVER do this againas you finally sleep like the dead for the next two days but still you got it all done and will wind up doing it again in a month for another convention.

I’m sorry, did I rant?
((Yep this has happened to me before. True story.)) “


2.If she’s not a weirdo homely, country bumpkin who knits pathetic excuses for costumes, then she might be a manipulative little hussy. Yes, no in-betweens. She might think that she could get away with having you putty in her hands! Especially if you know NOTHING about cosplay.

You know how it is:
“But Sakura-chan NEEDS the 6 different bikinis, and I need new make-up and shoes!”

Don’t fall for such antics, you’re above that and I believe she’s above that too if she had any respect for you – that is if you have respect for yourself in the first place!

bebe_don__t_cry___shirahoshi_one_piece_cosplay_by_k_i_m_i-d5gi30kcosplay from K-I-M-I

3. Here’s the thing, so you bought her the cosplay costume and all the glitter dust that she so desperately needs. And now? If she’s going to be gone for hours at that anime cosplay convention WITHOUT inviting YOU (I mean, you shouldn’t even have to ask!), then I don’t see a problem with cuddling her replacement for a few hours:


Editor reviews:

Wow, in my opinion, generally if you have a cosplay girlfend ,you will be the lucky boy :)Wanna know the reason? see our incoming valentine’s day couple cosplay contest !

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Cosplay: America vs Japan

This is another guest post from Rose Rappaport , our lovely friend, you can check her las article Life in Japan-One Piece as well.So let’s beginning:

Cosplay in Japan is very different from cosplay in America, but there are similarities as well.  Japan does not have as many conventions as the United States, so places to cosplay are somewhat limited.  Japan also has different social rules than the United States.  Over the summer, I went to Comiket in Tokyo.

Conventions in Japan

Comiket is short for Comic Market and it is held two times a year; once in the summer and once in the winter.  I thought it was going to be a normal anime convention, but good thing I looked at the website first.  That particular convention is free to attend, but if you want to buy anything specific, you are recommended to buy the very large catalog which is a little on the pricy side.  Also, you can cosplay, but you have to obey the rules.

1.Never come in your costume: there are specific areas for changing and applying make-up. Some conventions don’t let you put on certain make-up.  Also, most conventions do not allow hairspray and other sprays in the convention areas.

2.Photos are not allowed to be taken outside of the 3 areas on site: if you see someone walking in the hallway or working at a booth, you can not take their picture.

3.You always have to ask before taking a picture (unless there is already a group taking pictures, just join in).  When you are done taking the picture, people typically bow and say thank you.

4.No inappropriate costumes: for example, no cleavage or super short or tight costumes allowed.  This is for obvious reasons like harassment.

5.No pointy or sharp objects: to make sure no one gets hurt.

6.On top of these rules, there is usually a fee just for the cosplayers (about $10, which is not bad if you have been to Otakon or other large scale convention in America).  Comiket is mainly a doujinshi (fan made comic) convention, so there is little to no official merchandise.  Because of that, no photographs allowed at tables unless by the people running them.  Also, they can sell whatever they want, and a lot of them were selling 18+ material and there were not covers or warnings (I saw way too much, that I can not un-see).  That is totally different from conventions in America.

Conventions in America

I laid the groundwork for Comiket, so for those who have never attended an anime convention in America, here is how it’s similar and different.

American conventions have similar rules such as the weapons policy.  Actually, some conventions have a weapons check where you have to get a certain tie put around your item to ensure that you are allowed to carry it.  Metals like steal are not allowed in, guns have to have a painted tip to show that is is not able to be fired and some conventions don’t let you in if your weapon is bigger than you, so people have to scale them down.  Some major differences are: American conventions only have a one time admission fee (either a 1 day, a weekend and some have 2 days if it’s a 3+ day event).  You don’t have to pay extra money to cosplay and you don’t have to buy a book to navigate your way around.  There are no special places to take photos, you can take them anywhere, but you should ask permission to take photos (not all do, I have found pictures where I was drinking water or sitting down).  As for the costume content, there are no specific rules, but it has to be appropriate.

Many conventions have 2 places to shop: an artist alley (all fan made items like pictures and plushies) and a dealers room (people sell official merchandise).

Costume Process in Japan vs  America:

In general, Japanese people don’t make their costumes from scratch.  There are many stores that sell costumes already made in a variety of stores like Animate (a big name anime store in Japan).  The costumes are professionally made and are high quality.  They also sell high quality wigs and props for the costumes.  These are not cheap, a Piccolo costume is about $120 in Don Quijote (kinda like spencers in America, but higher quality and not all of it is inappropriate). In the United States, you either make it from scratch, alter existing clothes or order online which is costly.  If you order online, you are playing quality russian roulette as well, unless you are sure of who is making your costume, you can’t be sure how well it will turn out.  There are many pros and cons to the Japanese way of cosplay.

If you buy your costume in Japan (at a store), it will be expensive, but well made.  You can usually try it on (make sure you ask permission first) instead of waiting for someone to make it, ship it and maybe find out it is not fitting you properly.  Also, the store people will be able to help you select a costume, wig and other accessories that will work with you.  At most stores, they have wig stands, tips for cleaning costumes, binding materials and anything else you will need for your perfect outfit.  There are some downsides: if you are not up to date on the newest anime, you may have trouble finding a costume.  Most stores have a small cosplay section with only popular anime.  Today, if you walked into any animate or other store, you will find costumes from Tiger and Bunny, Hetalia, Magi the Labyrinth of Magic, Evangelion, Uta no Prince sama and a few others.  Other than that, you will most likely have to make them.

If you make your costume from scratch or you alter existing clothes, you not only have the satisfaction of making something yourself and also you have the chance of winning awards if you choose to enter a contest.  It is also fun going shopping for the clothes!  Get your creative side going with lots of reference pictures from all angles and just cut, sew, glue etc…

Where can you cosplay?

In Japan, people usually cosplay at concerts, photo gatherings (see the Sengoku Basara picture), Harajuku (usually on Sundays) and at conventions like Comiket.  The photo of the Sengoku Basara cosplayers was taken at a Japanese “theme park” modeled after the Edo period.  I was in the right place at the right time because of the fact that people don’t just cosplay in public as often as Americans.  I personally asked them if they made their costumes and only one of them actually did out of the large group.  In America, I know many people who just dress up and go places (the mall, a diner, etc…), that is absolutely unheard of in Japan.

Cosplayers are all human, they all are dressing up for fun.  That, we all have in common.  Because we love anime and want to show off that character, we cosplay.  That is what it is all about.

Author Bio.:

Rose Rappaport:I am almost 22 and have been watching anime since I was 3.  I have been cosplaying since 2007 and attending conventions since 2006.  I consider myself very passionate about anime, manga, music, Japanese culture etc…  I have been living in Japan for about 5 months now and I will be here until mid December.  Since I have been here, I have soaked up the culture and language and it has been nothing but paradise.My account is mizu_usagi1.


This article is submitted by our friend Rose Rappaport ,if you want to post this article in other place ,please mention the copy right and credit to and Rose . And we hope more friends will share own articles related to anime,cosplay,convention live news,Japan culture etc to us

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