New Arrival on Mar. 6 – Vocaloid the Sandplay Singing of the Dragon Miku Cosplay Costume

It’s sold on $104.73. You may find a lower price than ours elsewhere. But hardly will you find better quality and accuracy than what’s carried on this Hatsune Miku costume! To vividly cosplay as this fictional character, check out this costume here please.

Vocaloid the Sandplay Singing of the Dragon Miku Cosplay Costume_1

Whether the product looks the same with what the original game shows to us is the most crucial aspect cared by each customer. Of course, this is also considered by staffs at Here, the Sandplay Singing of the Dragon Miku costume includes a dress and hat. As you know, the dress features a rather complicated look. To make it faithful to the imaginary style, well experienced designers and tailors in our own clothing factory did an elaborate analysis on it before doing any cutwork. Pictures displayed here show you details.

Vocaloid the Sandplay Singing of the Dragon Miku Cosplay Costume_2

Aside from above mentioned aspect, the Vocaloid costume is made from luxurious cotton. This is not exaggerating at all. We have professional fabric suppliers who are well experienced in this industry. Cotton looks and feels great. Besides, it can be easily cleaned. Immerse the costume in cold water, wash and line it dry. It will keep smooth for a long time.

Our goal is to delight each cosplay devotee. So, except regular sizes ranging from S to XL, we can also customize the costume for you. Once it’s finished, it will be shipped out via fast shipping method worldwide. We reply to any of your questions ASAP. So, feel free to order on our cosplay store!

Hatsune Miku – Singer in a Box

(concept) illustration by KEI
Hatsune Miku - illustration by KEI

From Ninja, to Pirates to Sailor Moon, where is our adventure of to next. What the heck does he mean by the title? Miku is not a Singer in a box, what craziness is this.

Well, I decided to find the roots of one of the most famous non-living Singers in the world. Little did I know that this was not all that it seemed. This lovely lady – Hatsune Miku – actually started out as a simple Singing Synthesizer. It was later development into a software called Vocaloid. This is where we get the name of ‘Singer in a Box’. Not only was it produced in Japanese and English, but you can now get it in Korean, Chinese and Spanish.

Vocaloid Group
Vocaloid Group

What was cool with this was that a new character was created for each version. They just didn’t stop at one Vocaloid, but decided to set out to form a diverse group of them. I think this was a smart call as it really showcases the way you can market a product without that much capital. Seriously, so many people have fell in love with these characters, that it just makes one of the greatest promotional series. If you want, you should check out the numerous figures that have been designed and sold of them. Even I want the VN2 version figure so I can start at it’s awesomeness.

Why the heck is Miku sometimes pictured holding a LEEK and carry it around for that matter. Why would this vegetable (sort of spring onion on steroids) be such a draw for this character. I guess it is to whack all the fanboys away from her – LOL.

Now lets not leave out cosplay of Hatsune Miku which has exploded across the conventions. I think this is one character that anyone who saw it would recognize her immediately. You can even check out a great blog review right here of Gloria (Sweet Angel) showcasing one of the many cosplays you can find here.

What’s up for the next blog form yours truely, well lets just say my son will be helping me as you ‘Gotta Catch them All“.

New Arrival on Dec. 27 – Vocaloid Megurine Luka Cosplay Costume

Vocaloid Megurine Luka Cosplay

Once you have a cosplay plan, don’t be hesitant to contact us. Experienced designers and tailors in our costume factory will spare no efforts to ideally cater to your needs. We continue to develop new products, ensuring everybody can find his/her really desirable costume at

Vocaloid Megurine Luka Cosplay Costume
Vocaloid Megurine Luka Cosplay Costume1

Today, Vocaloid Megurine Luka Cosplay Costume is recommended. Focus on its price first of all. It’s $79.19. Undoubtedly, you can find lower price than ours. But to do a vivid and comfortable Megurine Luka cosplay, you must need it! Here, a jacket, dress, socks, armbands, wrist guard and belt are provided. Real product pictures are taken by us. With them, you get a chance to truly know the quality and accuracy of the costume. Since we can also customize the costume for you, even though regular size S, M, L and XL can be chosen anytime, you can find the costume perfectly fitting here!

More than 90% of cosplay costumes in our store are made from cotton, with high-end quality. This cloth features clear and smooth texture, which can be easily cleaned and kept. Since deluxe quality, wonderful accuracy and cheap price have been all taken into the dealer’s consideration, why not check out the Megurine Luka costume here, in order to enrich your Megurine Luka cosplay performance?

New Arrival on Dec. 23 – Vocaloid Kagamine Len Cosplay Costume

Does Kagamine Len cosplay also draw the attention from you? If so, just don’t neglect this Vocaloid Kagamine Len cosplay costume, ideally enriching your Kagamine Len cosplay performance. It’s available on $82.79.

Vocaloid Kagamine Len Cosplay Costume
Vocaloid Kagamine Len Cosplay Costume1
Vocaloid Kagamine Len Cosplay Costume2

  • Including a jacket, shorts, detachable sleeves, leg protectors, necktie and belt, it carries really required accuracy on each small detail.
  • Made from luxurious cotton, it feels soft. Plus refined handwork, durability on it is strongly guaranteed.
  • Regular size S, M, L and XL can be chosen. But to customize the costume enables everybody to find the ideally fitting costume here.
  • We will ship the costume ASAP. Also, a fast reply to any question from you is promised anytime.

We have many other Vocaloid cosplay costumes in our store. Just spend minutes and take a look :D.

New Arrival on Dec. 2 – Vocaloid Human Sacrifice Len Cosplay Costume

Vocaloid human sacrifice len cosplay

It’s a big pleasure for us to be the dealer, offering you a rich collection of classy cosplay costumes & wigs. This is the costume, helping you do a vivid Vocaloid Len cosplay. It’s sold on $67.19. But believe it or not, what it will bring to you is much more than what you cost. Except incomparable accuracy, it delights you by really desirable comfort too. Take a closer look below.

Vocaloid human sacrifice len cosplay costume_1
To make sure the Vocaloid Human Sacrifice Len cosplay costume looks the same with what the original manga shows to you, professional tailors in our factory have made a detailed analysis about the costume before cutting the cloth. You won’t find a part that’s designed and sewn on the wrong place. Besides, refined handwork is ensured. Here, a shirt, necktie, apron and suspender trousers are provided. Due to the luxurious cotton, the costume looks and feels great! Don’t you think a costume achieving these will be a must-have item for your outstanding Len cosplay?

Vocaloid human sacrifice len cosplay costume_2
Cotton with smooth and clear texture is used to make most of costumes in our store. This one also features great softness and durability. Customers, to better cater to all of your demands, we can also customize the costume for you. Now, both adult and child sizes are accepted. While placing your order, you will be required to fill in your size information on bust, waist, hip and height. Also, regular size S, M, L and XL can be chosen anytime. To enhance your Len cosplay performance, don’t be hesitant to place your order at now!