Daily Cosplay – Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle Sakura Cosplay

Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle Sakura Cosplay

Smashing cosplay pictures like this one often stir up more people’s passion for this hot performance art. Here is Astarohime’s Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle Sakura cosplay. Coming from Russia, she should be the cosplay girl who shows us most gorgeous cosplay. Focus on this Sakura cosplay. The red gown does make her seem so elegant. Yellow flowers and blond hair wonderfully decorate her white skin tone. Exquisite golden lines on the costume look so exquisite. Flowers become a really great background for the picture. Irresistibly dreamlike sense is expressed by this photo! Except this one, her Alice cosplay is fantastic. Nana cosplay is graceful. Trinity Blood cosplay is so impressive. If you also feel fascinated about this cosplay, don’t be hesitant to pay a visit to Astarohime’s gallery now.