Daily Cosplay – Naruto Temari Cosplay

Naruto Temari Cosplay

I do think the Naruto Temari Cosplay above is awesome! I found it in ambie13’s gallery on deviantart. This girl is from United Kingdom. She looks like a real Temari with the stunning costume and wig 😀 . ambie13 loves cartoons and manga and her favourite cartoon character is Rock Lee. To know more about her, visit her gallery please.

New Arrival on Sep. 21 – Naruto Temari Chunin Exam Cosplay Costume

Naruto Temari Chunin Exam Cosplay

Cosplay becomes an interesting toner for most people’s life. If you are also fond of this performance art, you will be delighted by what Miccostumes.com offers. The Naruto Temari Chunin Exam Cosplay Costume has been finished in our costume factory and recommended to you here. It’s faithful to the anime and brings you really desirable comfort!

Naruto Temari Chunin Exam Cosplay Costume_1

Temari costume is made from cotton, high-quality cotton that can be washed in cold water and lined dry. A smooth look can be kept for a long time. Clear texture can be seen on the cloth. This cosplay costume includes a jacket, dress, sash and leg protectors. We promise you won’t find any attachment that’s put to the wrong place on this costume. It will make your Naruto cosplay performance stand out in the busy crowd.

Naruto Temari Chunin Exam Cosplay Costume

Temari cosplay draws most attention. With this costume, you will look and feel great on the coming show! It can be shipped out in 48hrs no matter you choose a regular size from S, M, L and XL or Customize it. We accept returning for a refund in 3 days. For more discounts, just share us your photo with the costume after receiving it. Or post a review about it on any site and tell us the URL. Customers, your cosplay dream will be ideally realized here. Go to Naruto cosplay costumes to see many other great deals.

New Arrivals on July 9 – Naruto Temari and Itachi Uchiha Cosplay Costumes

Running a factory, we can timely offer you sought-after cosplay costumes. Today, Temari and Itachi Uchiha costumes are uploaded into our Naruto cosplay costumes collection. To vividly cosplay as these characters, don’t miss below suits.

Naruto Temari Cosplay Costume

Featuring a jacket, skirt, sash, sun-top and stockings, this costume is available on sizes from S to XL and can be customized. It can be shipped out in 24 hours except being customized. Being made from deluxe uniform cloth, it will delight you by desirable comfort and durability.

Naruto Itachi Uchiha Cosplay Costume

To realize your dream of look the same as Itachi Uchiha, you can’t miss this costume. Exquisitely made from high-quality uniform cloth, it can be washed by hand in cold water and lined dry. This is rather easy, right? Just choose your size from S, M, L and XL. For a perfect fitting, you can also let it to be customized.

More popular cosplay costumes will be shared in our new arrival collection. To keep pace with the latest trend in the cosplay industry, just pay a visit to our site here.