New Arrival on August 18 – Code Geass Suzaku Cosplay Costume

Code Geass suzaku cosplay serves as a great resource where you can realize any cosplay dream. Today, Code Geass Suzaku cosplay costume was finished in our costume factory. It makes you look the same with Suzaku. Being faithful to the anime and made from luxurious cloth, it will ideally cater to your needs :D.

Code Geass Suzaku Cosplay Costume

Suzaku costume includes a jacket, tuxedo, overcoat and trousers. They are made from first-grade cotton. It’s elaborately designed before cutting out a pattern. So it’s ensured to be extremely similar to the anime style. Size S, M, L, XL and Custom-Made can be all chosen. So everybody can find the right size to flatter their body shapes!

Code Geass Suzaku Cosplay Costume

Suzaku cosplay can be greatly enriched by this Code Geass costume. This detailed picture shows you classy quality on the costume. It can be washed directly in cold water and lined dry, without going out of shape. Order now, you check it out on $119.45 with shipping in 48hrs. If any dissatisfaction, just return it for a refund in 3 days.

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